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Moiraine Vs. Kylar Stern in the Suduvo Finals!


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Wake Up! People of the Dragon!

Moiraine Needs Help.


When I m posting This, Moiraine Damodred is loosing by 213 votes to Kylar Stern.

help her! Go Vote Now.

and whatever people say,

this contest is a Character Vs Character,

not Magic System Vs Magic System.

vote for character you like.


and IMO, Moiraine can handle the Assassin




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ehhh, as Terez mentions in the comments, I am getting sick of Balefire being the weapon WoT characters (who channel, obviously not Perrin) use. No wonder people always vote against WoT.


I am voting for Moiraine, but not because of the write-up or balefire. She could win without the BF. There are heaps of other ways for her to win. She is a formidable power even before she learned the BF weave.

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I voted Moiraine... With Kylar being her rival, I have no doubts about my vote... Realistically, maybe Moiraine's place was not in the championship match, but SUVUDU have wrote a very good Final Four recap. The power of a character (or a god) is proportionate to the strength of belief of his/her worshipers (That is of course the major idea in Pratchett's "Small Gods" - in my opinion the best fantasy book ever written). And WoT fans showed that they do BELIEVE in Moiraine.

And why there is no consolation match this year? (Well, a match between Rake and Granny would be more disastrous than balefire in my opinion)... Looking back, I would like more if Moiraine had lost the semi-final. I don't care who the Champion will be, but Moiraine vs. Granny was the dream match for me... it's just like an All-Stars Game :) The only options for this to happen were Championship Match or Consolation match. It's obvious SUVUDU wanted Granny to win, but I think they pushed too much with Granny's headology write-ups. Probably the voters got sick of headology. Granny prefers headology wherever possible, but at least in the Final Four she could have made something more... and she is capable of much, much more!

Well, dreams do not always come true.

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