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  1. I think that Sammael somewhat underestimates Mesaanna and Semirhage, so he credits Demandred for whatever has been done by the DMS alliance. He thinks they work together and he clearly does not know their exact whereabouts (even Graendal has just revealed Mesaanna's in WT). So, when Sammael refers to "the south" he considers everything from Tarabon to Murandy (Illan and Tear, of course, excluded). So, Seanchan, Masema and the dragonsworn, maybe even the Shadow Coast (there are some theories that Demandred uses this area as a hideout and a place to gather trolloc hordes). And last, but not leas
  2. The whole "heart" business has some flaws. How is it possible to have hearts made only by 3 members. I seriously doubt that new BA members were included in the BA society only in groups of three. It is much more a private business. If I was in charge I wouldn't make a heart of three newcomers, at least one of them must be an experienced BA member. Which implies that there would still be a "change of heart" and in my opinion this should happen at least once in a century for each BA member (pure speculation, of course). So, i wouldn't be surprised if Sheriam had entered Verin's heart at the begi
  3. Talene is toast! Or in case she is not, then she will become a toast. She's between a hammer and an anvil and I don't see her finding a way to survive. Still, it is not necessary to see her lethal end on-screen.
  4. Yes there is. From the very beginning Perrin has been my favourite character, and he has never lost the first place for me. Yes, maybe Mat has more moments of awesomeness, but as a whole he is quite annoying most of the time. Just the way an over-confident teenager is annoying to the middle-aged. Mat's and Rand's arcs are more uniformly spread. They develop constantly. (well, Mat upgrades, Rand's arc is sinusoidal with rises and depressions). On the other hand, Perrin's arc is with huge jumps, followed by long even periods. And yes, I do not jump only to his awesome chapters. When I finish my
  5. It is a very good idea about the eye of the world, It sounds logical, and I have thought about it myself, but still I have no explanation why the blight border is like a straight line and not circular. The taint should spread in all directions uniformly. And yet, the location of the Eye is always different in the Blight. Usually it is beyond the Mountains of Dhoom. Maybe this mountains have stopped the taint, just like Balkan mountains stop the clouds and cold, so in my country climate is very different to the north and to the south of them. Another problem is that the Blight continues in Sea
  6. I voted Moiraine... With Kylar being her rival, I have no doubts about my vote... Realistically, maybe Moiraine's place was not in the championship match, but SUVUDU have wrote a very good Final Four recap. The power of a character (or a god) is proportionate to the strength of belief of his/her worshipers (That is of course the major idea in Pratchett's "Small Gods" - in my opinion the best fantasy book ever written). And WoT fans showed that they do BELIEVE in Moiraine. And why there is no consolation match this year? (Well, a match between Rake and Granny would be more disastrous than bale
  7. +1! But Granny is currently losing. From the very beginning I pray for Moiraine vs. Granny Weatherwax final. If Moiraine wins the cage match tournament without facing both the strongest and the most spectacular rivals (which are Rake and Granny, respectively) I would be in doubt if she really deserved the victory. If there are other people here who think the same, then let them vote both for Moiraine and Granny in the semi-finals. P.S. as a reply for the previous post. Mat is not an interesting choice at all. You can not put Mat in a contest like that. All his matches would be as if F
  8. Yes, every write-up made by suvudu has some flaws, but it's normal. They are not their authors, after all. Suvudu screwed even Granny Weatherwax personality in the write-ups (witches do not apologise and they do not set innocent people on fire) even though Granny appears to be their favourite for the title (and mine, too). They are just trying to block to some extent the inevitable fanboyism from the large WOT, ASOIAF and Malazan forums by trying to "help" other characters have some more votes. Just like referee decisions in every type of sports are not always fair, and there's nothing you can
  9. COngratulations, you did it :) I, actually, didn't vote on that match (Tyrion is the only reason why I continued reading aSoIaF (I'm in the middle of book 5 now)), but it's really satisfying to see all my aSoIaF fan friends whining. They thought Tyrion had won, but the SUVUDU revealed the cheating. And Zaphod winning a tied match on extra time and penalties made me feel as if my favourite team had just won the Champions League :) Let's vote now, let's see Moiraine vs. Kelsier on the quarter-final!
  10. A tiny scent of sadness and a load of delight... But the world will never be the same again... Just like the world changed the first time I had read Sam Gamgee's "Well, I'm back". Thank you, Brandon!
  11. Granny versus Zaphod.. oh boy Cohen the Barbarian.. against Cadsuane perhaps....? ... Or against Farstrider. (If Farstrider had some companions in ToG like Cohen's "Silver Horde" ... poor snakes & foxes) ...Or even against Mat. Cohen succeeded in cheating the Fate, after all ;)
  12. I would like DKS unfinished cover to be the one we get on the book. Even better if it is black&white. It would be fair. And it would fit with the title "A Memory of Light". The only Wot cover which I identify as a real crap is TGS. But I still vote for DKS's TEOTW cover to be the best in fantasy ever. The look of it made me buy the book at a time when I could hardly spend any money for books and when I was so disappointed from the deterioration of the fantasy as a genre and I really thought I would never buy a fantasy novel again. But I just couldn't resist the urge to buy this large boo
  13. Well, actually Diskworld fan base worldwide is much larger than WoT fan base. Yet, these cage matches are popular mostly among WOT, Malazan and ASOIAF . Pratchett's fans will not see the point of voting for such "cage matches" and they are not aware with the previous editions of the tournament. It gives Moiraine some advantage. And yet, I'm voting for Granny, all the way! There's just one person in the galaxy who can never become a victim of Granny's headology: Zaphod - the best President ever! But still i'm voting for Granny - if the headology fails a punch in the stomach will not. P.S. I
  14. Motivations of a character (whose name I shall not spoil here) for the specific act of killing Asmodean?
  15. Now we speak the same language :biggrin: Thumbs up for Blind Guardian. Yet, if it has to be Epic Battle Metal (as you call it)I still prefer Rhapsody (of Fire)(especially the album "Symphony of Enchanted Lands"). Every time I read a WoT chapter where Callandor is mentioned I can't stop singing in my head "The Emerald Sword": For the king, for the land, for the mountains, For the green valleys where dragons fly, For the glory, the power to win the Black Lord I will search for the Emerald Sword OK, Callandor is crystal, not emerald... I don't care :)
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