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Aran'Gar in Salidar

Saguin Venart

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So I'm rereading the series, time number 3. On the Lord of Chaos, and the bit where Egwene starts maneuvering around the hall with Siuane, Elayne, and Nynaeve. We get a Delana pov where she contemplates killing Aran'Gar and Aran'gar tells her to keep pushing to have Logain re-gentled or killed.


What does this imply?


Perhaps the glory Min foretold being before the Last Battle, something to do with cleaning out the Black Tower?

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I don't see why Aran'gar didn't just blow up the house that Logain was in. There wouldn't have been a way for anyone to tie the attack back to her. Either that or turn invisible and walk in and kill him or compulse the guards not to notice her and walk in and kill him or check out the room in TAR and then Travel in and kill him or use any of the other 8,653 ways that she could have killed him without becoming a suspect.


Given that her goal was simply to kill him in order to eliminate a potential threat to her, the manner of his death didn't matter and waiting for the Aes Sedai to change their minds and execute him seems a less than optimal strategy. Then again, this is someone who got killed by a friggin Nym and we can't expect all that much from her.

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