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  1. So I just had a thought. This could be stupid but I just thought of it while reading FoH. Could Lews Therin trying to 'take over' Rand be the syncing of the two that occured at the end of TGS? Maybe Rand wasnt ready or didn't understand it yet so he fought it off over and over again until his moment of clarity on Dragonmount
  2. This is one that really stuck with me. For some reason I recur to it frequently...just keep thinking about it. Also, "The Car'a'carn has embraced death." Or is that too climax-y? In a way everything post-Veins of Gold in the timeline is climax. I was gonna post Taim telling the AS to kneel at the end of LoC. But then I realized that was about as climactic you get in WOT. Rand apologizing to Tam in ToM tugged at my heartstrings.
  3. I still cling feebly to the hope that Taim was 13x13'd and somehow Super Rand can Dragon it away. Taim in books 6,7, and 8. Is one of my favorite characters.
  4. Let's get this out of the way. I don't hate Faile. I don't really agree with what happened to Perrin after she was kidnapped. It was like reading a 200 page soap opera movie script with a battle at the end. But I don't hate her. I don't hate Egwene She did irk me in tFoH acting like she was the queen bee with Nynaeve in TAR I actually enjoyed watching her maneuver around Romanda, Lelaine, and Sheriam's factions Watching her trick the hall into giving her control of the army and later control of dealings with Rand was a pure delight I didn't even hate her when she took on the whole 'I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man' thing I don't like like Alanna. Oh also Elayne and Nynaeve in Book 5. That was dumb too. I cant stand them in that part. It was an 80 page story arc of 'womminz are da best men are dum'
  5. One thing I'd always been curious about is if Nynaeve had re tried as they'd asked her to in LoC. Would their powers be halved again? Or if an Asha'ma tried to do it, would it restore their full strength?
  6. The Meetings between the Forsaken, Like the big meetings when 4 or more decide to show up. Watching the interactions is always fun.
  7. Ummmmmmm, if you go back over the books, I think you'll find that the Dark One has nothing at all to say about Rand. Ba'alzamon and Moridin, on the other hand, both gave orders that Rand was not to be harmed. Shaidar Haran's actions, being as he is The Hand of the Dark, would lead us to believe that the Dark One wants Rand dead. Either that or Shaidar Haran is no more the Dark One's willing vassal than Padan Fain is. Osan'Gar would also have to pay heed to Moridin who most definitely want Rand alive for The Last Battle. So even if Shaidar Haran/Dark One wanted Rand dead, it would be the ultimate case of being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. You'd have to think Osan'gar would would burn both ends of the candle as long as he could to find a way out that suited him.
  8. I completely overlooked the fact that Logain would see her channeling Saidin. Egg on my face.
  9. So I'm rereading the series, time number 3. On the Lord of Chaos, and the bit where Egwene starts maneuvering around the hall with Siuane, Elayne, and Nynaeve. We get a Delana pov where she contemplates killing Aran'Gar and Aran'gar tells her to keep pushing to have Logain re-gentled or killed. What does this imply? Perhaps the glory Min foretold being before the Last Battle, something to do with cleaning out the Black Tower?
  10. I'm rereading the series for the third time and am on EoTW. Does Thom ever explain how he killed that Myrddraal or what happened? Maybe I just missed it?
  11. It's been hinted at in the book that this would mean an overall loss for humanity. It would be like flooding the world to save it from burning. For humanity to truly be free at the end Rand needed to be in the state he is now. Fully synched with Lews Therin. To me Rand from 6-12 was just annoying, that's when Mat became my favorite character. I understood why he was the way he was, but I didn't like the 'I'm so dark and edgy now'. His epiphany on Dragonmount was my favorite scene, it replaced the Battle of Dumai's wells. Also I don't know why people didn't like Rand crying. It felt good seeing him and Tam reconcile like that. To be honest I welled up a little bit at that. Also by laughing after his epiphany and crying seeing Tam he's effectively accomplished becoming human again.
  12. Best guess, whats the approximate population of Randland? The Aiel Waste? Seanchan?
  13. I always thought it was because Rand and Mat get a cool weapon, now Perrin gets one.
  14. So after carefully thinking it through Ive ranked my favorite out of Rand, Perrin, and Mat throughout each book. Eye of the World 1.Perrin 2.Rand 3.Mat The Great Hunt 1.Perrin 2.Mat 3.Rand The Dragon Reborn 1.Perrin 2.Rand 3.Mat The Shadow Rising 1.Mat 2.Rand 3.Perrin (Faile manages to end Perrin's 3 book winning streak) The Fires of Heaven 1.Mat 2.Rand (No Perrin in this one) The Lord of Chaos 1.Rand 2.Mat 3.Perrin Crown of Swords 1.Mat 2.Perrin 3.Rand (His grimdark attitude starts a long slide) Path of Daggers 1.Perrin (Perrin is back on top after Mat is injured, Faile is kidnapped, Rand develops a fear of boxes and strings) 2.Rand (No Mat) Winters Heart 1.Mat 2.Perrin 3.Rand Crossroads of Twilight 1.Mat 2.Perrin 3.Rand Knife of Dreams 1.Mat 2.Perrin 3.Rand The Gathering Storm 1.Mat 2.Perrin 3.Rand Towers of Midnight (This one is harder to pick because all three shine in this book) 1.Rand (His rebirth puts him on top after a 6 book slide) 2.Mat 3.Perrin (Mat edges Perrin out by a hair's width) So at Thirteen books Perrin is at 4 Rand is at 2 and Mat is at an impressive 7 Feel free to post a power ranking for any book, or all of them.
  15. I'm thinking anti-white tower. I don't know why but as someone pointed out Jordan like to do the the opposite thing. Saidin and Saidar, etc. You cant really call it the Black Tower but a Tower where Black Ajah and even Male Dreadlords are taught by the Forsaken whenever they return to the blight. Maybe what Moghedian and Cyndane have to do while mind trapped by Moridin. Demandred could teach the male channlers I know this involves a lot of what ifs and even *gasp* Demandred speculation, but I just thought of this.
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