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Approved BT Bio for Cai Murray - CCed

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Cai


Name: Cai Murray


Born in: Ghealdan


Sex: Male


Age: 25


Cai can be largely recognized by his larger slender height standing at 6 feet. He has short dark bushy brown hair to match his emerald eyes. He always has a small drawstring pack slung across his back usually full of herbs and books. Cai can almost always be found in greys or blues.


Cai Murray originated from a small town on the border with Amadica that no longer stands as the white cloaks burnt it to the ground. During this invasion many of the town’s folk were killed, including his mother as she was labeled a traitor along with Cai himself. Cai’s mother was a healer for a large portion of the area, but healing was seen as too close to working with the One Power for the invaders and all who practiced it were killed. Cai has ever been scared with the suspicion of strangers, especially Children of the Light, true to his Ghealdan background.


Cai had chosen to follow his mother’s trade instead of following his father, as his elder younger brother Klaine had, in the Ghealdan army. Cai always seemed to have a better talent at heeling than his own mother, and stuck to his strenghts. He had luckily (or unluckily) been out visiting a sick family on the day of the invasion and was spared.


Upon hearing the news, Cai fled those who feared him only to prove them right. He began a journey to the dragon banner in Tear, in hopes to become what those who killed his mother feared he was, a channeler of the forbidden saidin.


On his way to Tear Cai passed through numerous towns, paying with what little he could scavenge from his burnt home. However, as the money began to run out he began using his wears in the villages as he passed through, using a fake smile to pay for his dinner. At the inns that he visited he choose to stay much to himself, coming down to eat supper and watch any of the performers to take his mind of his mother.


After much traveling, and a lot of thinking, Cai finally arrived in Tear. Still wary of strangers Cai began to feel his way about Tear, an area that once had a fear of the One Power, much like the White Cloaks. While wandering the city, Cai happened across a Healer’s shop where a kind old woman named Lily lived. Cai was a little less wary of Lily, a little less, but as the two began sharing recipes and methods, beginning to slowly bond a friendship.


Cai and Lily talked a few days through, Lily offering the flat that was above her shop as a place for Cai to stay for a while until he was ready to meet with the leader of the men in the city that called themselves Asha’man. The two talked about everything, sharing histories, tales, elixirs, and goals. Cai made a true connection with Lily, and was soon introduced to her son, Riordan who was in town as a traveling merchants guard. Riordan was a little younger than Cai by a few years, but the two were fast friends as Riordan shared the same flat area with Cai.


Eventually the two became very close, to the point that they were never seen apart and Cai’s boundaries were lowering. The two eventually became so close that they were secret bed mates together, another of Cai’s interests that the whitecloacks weren’t too fond of.


However, soon enough Riordan was back with the merchant on their way to Camelyn, and Cai to the stone of tear to meet the storm leader in charge. Cai went through the normal tastings of the flame with a few other gentlemen. Cai was chosen as one being able to wield the One Power along with one other young man. Cai remains weary of his “brothers”, but enraptures himself in his studies and training. Here his story unfolds, in the hands of mad men, but how sane was Cai to begin with?

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