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First Re-Read Suggestions and tips


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I technically am on my first true re-read, so here are my pointers:


1. Set a pace, not slow (fast is fine). If you go to slow or stop, you end up forgetting who characters are or whats so important about XYZ etc.

2. Don't skip parts. Any. Read them all.

3. I read the books on my phone: Love getting in 1-2 pages at stoplights, bathrooms, meetings ( :biggrin: )


Memories: Foreshadowing! If you JUST finished Towers of Midnight, start reading from book 1 right away, and you will start noticing foreshadowing ALL over the place.

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The reference sites are gold, especially Encyclopedia WoT and Leigh's reread on tor.com.


This is what I'd recommend for a read/reread without spoilers:


1) Have the books ready in e-book/pdf and do a search for a name each time you encounter someone you can't remember or want to refresh. When I come across a familiar name but can't remember where we met him/her, I always do a search and make a note in my mind of appearance until I get to the part I'm at.


2) Before reading, go to EncWot or Leigh's reread and read the summary (NOT the commentary/footnotes) of the chapters you read last time.


This has helped me being able to keep _almost_ everything fresh in my mind on my reread, and its only the 2nd time I'm reading the series now.





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