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  1. I always thought of that camp as the one near Ebou Dar. The fact that they appeared in TAR indicating that the Tinkers were happy to settle down there, they felt safe. And they felt safe under the Seanchan. A small foreshadowing that she will need to deal with the Seanchan in the future and perhaps that they are here to stay. Also a large hint that she will have to get over her outright hatred of them and consider the pros and cons of Seanchan society dispassionately.
  2. For anybody interested in the final analysis, here is the timeline. Or perhaps I should say a timeline. There is no way of properly fixing any event in AMOL as the wording of crucial timestamps is too vague. There are two main problems. One is the timing of the eclipse and the battles which reference it - there is a 'hole' spanning 9 days. (As mentioned already in this thread) The other, probably connected, is Perrin's fight with Slayer, starting ch 33, which lasts 10 days. Now, even accounting for the fact that it happens in TAR, I refuse to believe that it lasted more than one day, even with Perrin losing consciousness in the sequence. (When Master Luhlan finds Perrin he makes a point of saying that no one survives long with that sort of wound). I suspect this is connected to the eclipse 'hole'
  3. I don't think he was trying to write off any timeline issues with that. I don't know if the idea for time distortion was Brandon's or RJ's, but I don't find it to be unbelievable given what we know of what the DO can do. Perhaps there was a level of convenience to it, making Rand's fight last for as long as everyone else's, but it wasn't meant to explain away contradictions from TOM. I have no real problems with the timelines up to the end of TOM. Yes there was that Mat 'hich' and a few small glitches, but nothing that couldn't be figured out. AMOL however, is so vague as to make drawing up a timeline pointless. The references we get don't work as a cohesive whole, so, once you get past the FoM meeting, every event can only be given as '+/- a few days'. Time passing at different rates is not a problem of itself. What it did do I suspect, is to mask continuity problems when scenes were moved around during editing. It would be all too easy to assume that , say, Perrin's timeline can be fudged since he keeps jumping around between timezones, but forget that he has very specific timestamps that can not be taken at face value (as they occur in yet another timezone). And then there is that big hole in the space-time continuum that happens before the eclipse... There are also other, smaller contradictions, but I need to do some more re-reading and checking before I post those ... beginning to think Terez is right...
  4. Lol . What an image! These are from the predictions thread and some others I've posted at various times. RIGHT - Lan will survive the battle at Tarwin Gap. - Min finally gets to (successfully) stab someone - Demandred causes an awful lot of damage but never quite gets any main characters, he's outmaneuvered by Mat at the last moment - I suppose that last bit is arguable - Rand either knows how to mask his bonds or has a ter'angreal to hide his whereabouts whenever he wants (like the dull dagger) - The patches of sunlight follow Rand about - NOT anyone else - Nynaeve does not cure death - No one takes up the Way of the Leaf - Mat never makes it to FoM - Perrin deals with the BT dreamspike - Egwene dies - BT and WT do not combine or live together happily ever after - too many differences between them - Gawyn, Galad and Birgitte are toast (she gets to come back though) - 3/4 right, Galad didn't die in the end PART - Perrin and Faile take the Broken Crown fairly early on - they do, but not early on - We never find out who Nakomi was and she does not appear again - we don't, but, arguably, she does appear - Egwene's vision of the Seanchan woman is Leilwin offering some sort of a temporary solution which enables Egwene to deal (and accept working) with Tuon - definitely Leilwin, the rest is arguable - Logain has been captured and Androl's escape attempt will coincide (more or less) with an attempt to turn him. Both escape, with a few others, but the BT survives. Logain regroups and recovers, then takes it upon himself to get rid of Taim. The BT is destroyed but Taim escapes. Naeff arrives in the nick of time to do something vital. Logain goes on to lead the AM but does not necessarily survive all the way to the end. - quite pleased with that one considering I made it up on the spot. - Mat dons a disguise at some stage, it's good enough to fool Bode - the foreshadowing that made me say that probably referred to Mat entering Ebou Dar, I thought it was going to involve AS or the WT WRONG - There will be a major battle at or near Baerlon with troops and refugees hiding in the Mountains of Mist, either before or after the battle. - Talemanes' best pipe will lead some of the DO's forces astray - The White Tower will be destroyed - Cadsuane will die in a blaze of glory, taking down Taim - Moiraine kills Cyndanne and probably Rand - meh, i was on the right track, but not close enough - Nynaeve will work out how to detect men channeling and redirect saidin . I suppose this may be achieved using a ter'angreal, but I'm hoping for something more spectacular. - Elayne will find herself in the Ways and figures out how to fight the Black Wind (the same way the Sea Folk control ordinary wind) - Demandred is in Murandy - Gah. My first idea was that he was in charge of Sharan troops. Should have stuck to it. ??? Warder Sleete, Zaida and Lord Edorion are DFs. There is also a WO DF, but I can't make up my mind who it is. edit: forgot that Galad didn't actually die
  5. As one of "those of us for whom the depth and complexity of the Wheel was the primary attraction, as opposed to getting to the end and learning what happened", some of the points you raise are a little troubling. Over the years I have found myself less interested in the mechanics of the actual, final confrontation or seeing the sub-plots brought to some particular resolution. Rather, it is the interaction of the plots and characters that will dictate the final outcome that has kept me reading time and again. What I was hoping to see, is how these meld together to reflect the breadth of this series. I am a little worried now that I may be disappointed in that respect. Still, I look forward to reading the final tome tomorrow. Great review, Thanks Luckers.
  6. This sounds like something I wrote in the 'daughter of the night' thread yesterday, only taken to a whole new level. My post was an off-the-cuff summary of something I remembered working on a while back - I think I'll have to go and see if I can resurrect it, maybe tidy it up and get it posted before I get the book. @ Suttree Your comment makes it even more interesting, even if you give nothing away.
  7. @ Sharaman I'd be very surprised if Taim passed any TAR knowledge on. Maaaybee a little to one trusted lieutenant, but I doubt it. We don't know for sure though. As far as the dreamspike goes, I suspect that Moridin will be keeping a close eye on it, he seemed quite possessive over both of them when talking to Graendal. @ Waldo Suffa - imagine lying across a horse on your stomach, face down balescream - I don't recall any reference to how far a balescream reaches. I would imagine it is all to do with how strong your balefire was in the first place.
  8. Another thought Daughter of the Night, she walks again. - Lanfear's back The ancient war, she yet fights. - she hasn't given up yet, despite what we might think at the moment Her new lover she seeks, who shall serve her and die, yet serve still. - she's found a way to manipulate Rand to do something she wants - consciously, unwittingly, any way will do - even if he dies his actions will allow her to achieve her aim Who shall stand against her coming? - um, Moiraine? Egwene? (someone she's been up against before) The Shining Walls shall kneel. - Rand's actions (and maybe the confrontation with the person standing against her) brings about the (near?)destruction/dissolution of the WT (Egwene's death would fit rather well too)
  9. I'm with you completely on the 'what does Lanfear have to do with the Shining Walls?" question. It's bothered me right from the beginning, but I've not been able to find a satisfactory answer. The biggest snag in your theory is this (from the Glossary) It's not a title, it's a rather well known name. Which, in turn makes me suspicious, because there are no other names mentioned in the prophecies IIRC. So, maybe, it is a title? And Mierin chose it deliberately? Or accidentally?
  10. BS has confirmed that Rand has a habit of appearing in TAR whilst being in 'real life'. IIRC, we don't know whether this is constant, occasional or under specific circumstances. We do know this is something specific to Rand. It would make a great Chekhov's Gun, except that he goes and does it again at VoG (when Perrin and the wolves join him on top of Dragonmount).
  11. A sock is the future of the stocking. If you spoke to a tudor about a sock, they would assume you were talking about a punch. However, if you spoke of stockings they would understand you perfectly. The third age is the same as the tudor age, but in the new age, THEY SHALL WEAR SOCKS!! As it shall be the future. (again this is msbee's daughter, this time I had permission to defend myself though)
  12. OMG my daughter is a troll!! That, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you leave yourself logged in, with keyboard unattended, and you have a bored teenager in the house. Absolutely preposterous! The sock has to be all white.
  13. All wrong! Rand is blatantly going to trap the DO in an old sock! There are no socks mentioned in any of the books so far, indicating that they are things of a future (or distant past) age, by using an old sock, rand is effectively binding the DO with a symbol of the long past and future ages, ensuring that the DO stays sealed until the age of socks returns! Furthermore the stench will keep the DO to weak to return, until his prison gets a wash! (this is NOT msbee this is her daughter) EDIT: The pattern of course, is the weave of the sock, and indeed the visual appearance of the patterns woven into the sock, from events so far, i believe this would be a dog-tooth, or perhaps a tartan, with a slight possibility of argyle.
  14. Could this be the scene BS was talking about in that Twitter exchange? (no58 - towards the end) BRANDON SANDERSON Just wrote a scene with Bela in it. This scene is one that RJ left instruction for in his notes; it gave me shivers when reading Edit: Thanks Terez - link fixed
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