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  1. I'd love to see someone make a video of a Gateway opening that we can all agree on.
  2. Whatever you do, do NOT go to the back of the book to look for the Appendix/Dictionary. It is NOT there. I was mortified to read a portion accidentally along the lines of "<character name here> said "blah blah blah", indicating that the character survived to the end of the book.
  3. If I remember correctly, wasn't Rand in Rand's body the one that walked out? And if so, then no, Rand is NOT already in Moridin's body. There is a progressive transfer, as you can see by how Nynaeve complains about "Moridin" becoming stronger and "Rand" becoming weaker/dying.
  4. Think so as well. When an Aes Sedai gentled men, they weren't always actively channeling at the time ie; Logan.
  5. I knew I wasn't crazy... ToM: " She breathed in and out, trembling. But she had to see. She had to know. She rose to her feet, left ankle twisted. She hobbled to the treeline and looked down." ToM: "Galad rolled, sword twisted to the side, but he had landed wrong. His ankle wrenched in pain." TGS: "Each name was like a thorn through Egwene’s skin. Dagdara Finchey, who had healed Egwene once when she’d stumbled and twisted her ankle."
  6. I am pretty sure there were some more, now I'll have to research! It might be important for the Last Battle! Maybe Rand will twist the DO's ankle...
  7. People in this age honestly must have problems with their feet or something. I am at the part where Perrin is about to save Galad from trollocs in ToM, and Galad just twisted his ankle. I swear the in the past two books there were 3-4 people who did the same thing. Just saying.
  8. And it was really a Talent as much as she could tell the different resonances of each pack, each pack having it's own unique resonance.
  9. Probably looked like this. XD http://en.es-static.us/upl/2011/03/earth_spin.gif
  10. Actually, writing about the Age of Legends is easy: Just mimic our current day and technology, replacing electricity with OP. Quite honestly, Robert Jordan said he would never write about the Age of Legends because it was boring.
  11. Same soul, different lives. It's only Mat's theory that the Fins gave him memories from people the Fins met, but it is highly doubtful (how many of those men he remembers had visited Fins?). And quite the opposite actually: All of Mat's lives were big army type guys. It's one thing to be a farmer in one life and then a soldier in another, but in Mat's lives he was always a prominent person / legend-maker. And I think that Brigitte and someone or something (not only the prophecies) keeps referencing him as a big gambler, especially in relation to battles.
  12. Sorry to break off from this, but WHERE does it say Rand is a Hero of the Horn?
  13. Quite the opposite actually. She felt that since she was the one to foretell, it was her duty to ensure that foretelling to come true. Min was the same way as a kid, but she learned quickly that things would happen as foretold no matter what someone did. In fact, the foreteller would be the one to cause the happening sometimes from their very action to prevent it. Elaida's just that power hungry teacher you hated every time you had class with her.
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