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  1. Is there any specific way of doing a reread that allows one to soak in more of the story? And Any tips or Memories of Your first reread and you opinion of the story at the time.
  2. Perrin felt a "Tightness". I wonder what that's all about. At Cause of the color swirls, there is no other visible or obvious reasons other than them being taveren. The Tightness is the Tautness of the pattern as they are so near to each other, The pattern is simultaneously weaving around them both.
  3. Accidental Posting,I don't know how to remove this.
  4. Of any of the songs in Randland, do any of them remind you of folk songs from any culture in the present day? And also Did RJ Ever compose any notes for any of the songs in the Series? Thanks. P.S. (I don't really know if I put this in the right section, I'm really tired.)
  5. Who doesn't, man? (I mean in a point of view form the characters. Not my own personal opinion.... well maybe.)
  6. Moridin is the epitome of what real evil is. Logic like every other concept, has a dark side too.
  7. Why not a Magical Horn (Like on old fashioned Phonographs) that put out a clear call for aided by air and fire for over a hundred miles.
  8. I'd Have a Remote that shoots out air flows to do certain housework tasks.
  9. Dude, I read your Post And I was like Woooooooooooooooah. Dude.woah.
  10. I forgot to say Slash from Gun's and Roses.
  11. Wouldn't the fifth one be Mat? Currently, strictly speaking.
  12. Asha'Dude

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    I like dogs, but the world would be a sad place without horses.
  13. Do any of you guys have any farout ideas about Ter'Angreal? I think it would be awesome if someone developed a half split piece of metal that has flows of air attached to it, that when brought across a blade make it as rough or smooth as desired by the user who may have access to the power but doesn't have to.
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