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Hello all! Just signed up for the forums and thought I would introduce myself. I started reading The Wheel of Time around 1993, and would reread the series when a new book would was released. I stopped doing that when Winters Heart was released, because I tried to read it right off and had forgotten what most of the minor characters were doing and who was was who, and decided to wait till they were all out, because I just didn't have time to reread them all, and I had stopped reading as often as I used to. About 3 years ago I decided I really missed sitting down and loosing myself in a good book, and the first thought I had was to wonder how close The Wheel of Time was to being completed, so I checked online to see how many books were out. That was how I found out about RJ's passing. I was devastated. I spent the rest of the night reading RJ's blog, and just looking back fondly on the books I had read. I had mixed feelings about another author completing the series, but came to terms with it knowing he had left notes and had already written the ending. I have since read through the series, and all my fears of another author completing the series have been put to rest, and The Gathering Storm is actually my second favorite book in the series (after EotW, and for reasons of nostalgia that will be hard to change). I am currently going through my first listen through of the audiobooks, and have become obsessed all over again. I have read some of the posts here and on Theoryland, and am constantly spending time looking up WoT online, and listening to podcasts about it. I have a couple of friends who have also read the series, but neither of them are as obsessed as I am, so I joined to maybe join in some discussions with some people who like it as much as I do. And to get the new newsletter.

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I am from right in the middle of the US. About as far away from an ocean as you can get here. I will have to take a look into the RP sections. Sounds fun. I have to think on what kind of character I would like to play.


My least favorite character is probably Elaida. Maybe Gawyn. I don't understand how either one come to the conclusions they arrive at. And they are both annoying. I really have a problem with Gawyn after he talks to Egwene and still wont see reason. My favorite Forsaken is probably Semirhage. She is the only one I have found actually scary. Just flat out evil. The others just seem greedy.


I'm always down for a good campfire. With some ale and exaggerated stories! I will have to check it out.


Thanks for the warm welcome! I will take a deeper look into the forums sometime this week. There looks to be a lot to take in, and participate in. Just haven't had the time for that kind of undertaking yet.

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Thanks for the welcome! My favorite character tends to flip around, mostly between Egwene and Mat. Probably Egwene. I love how she grew up to be just like the people in the stories she liked about women outwitting people that were supposed to be smarter than everybody else. Also a big Min and Hopper fan. Oh, and Tam. He is a steady rock, and loves Rand as a son unconditionally. I'm most like Loial, with a crazy Mat streak that shows up at the most inopportune times.

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