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Approved Wolfkin Bio CC'd by the WT


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Character Name: Louvete Aulare


Group: Wolfkin


Race: Andoran


Age: 18


Height: 5' 7"


Weight: 140lbs


Eye Color: Green


Hair Color: Chestnut Brown with reddish highlights


Special Features (Missing Limbs, Scars and such): scar on top of right arm, just below the shoulder.




Born in Four Kings to poor parents, Nadeann and Darll Aulare, Louvete was the image of her mother. All throughout her childhood she had wondered what life was like for other people, seeing sometimes so empathically it seemed abnormal, yet her parents accepted it as normal. She was something of a novelty anyway, being quieter than most of the other children in the village and having more of an athletic build than the other delicate girls – Louvete was slender but definitely not fitting in – the self-imposed outcast. Louvete had always wanted to see the world and took a big interest in affairs outside the village - she had always had a restless streak and loved talking to peddlers and gleemen whenever she had the occasion, but they were mostly the only people the shy Louvete spoke to. Trained by her father in woodcraft and also in the family business of furniture making.


One day, shortly after her thirteenth birthday, her mother and father sat her down and asked her whether she would like to take over more of the running of their business so they could enjoy life a little. Louvete replied that she didn't think she would be able to stay in the same place for so long when the world was out there to be seen. Her mother and father accepted this, but did not really understand it. When the rich merchant, Avala Repsin, rode through Four Kings, Louvete approached her with some of her families craft and offered to help guard her stock if Avala would take the chairs to Caemlyn. Avala readily accepted, as bandits had killed one of her entourage.


She soon learned some rudimentary fighting techniques from the other guards. Herran, a blocky fellow with a slanting scar from his left ear down to his chin, taught her how to use a staff and bow, considering that a sword was not meant for a woman. This was easily remedied as another of the guards, Avun, agreed to teach her. It was obvious that they were becoming romantic. Louvete got her first short sword in from a blacksmith in Caemlyn after her family’s furniture offerings were well received. On the way back out to Ghealdan, she passed the money on to her parents and described how she enjoyed being a Merchant’s Guard. Her parents were beginning to understand, as long as she was happy and sent word she was all right as often as she could, they were happy too.


Over the next five years she travelled with Avala and the guards, protecting her cargo and learning more with her weapons of choice. She killed her first bandit at the age of fifteen and spent a long while fretting over this - Avun comforted her. On her birthday a gang of opportunistic thieves beset the party after the small chest of silver and gold coins Avala kept under the seat of her wagon. The money was kept safe, but three guards against twenty brigands had a horrible cost. Louvete had obtained a large slash on the top of her shoulder, nearly costing the use of her arm. At the last, she stood back to back with Avun, the rest of the party gone or dead and watched in horror as they were rushed suddenly, bright blades flashing under a portentous sky, and Avun fell limply to the grass. Of what happened next, Louvete could not fully remember other than her short sword feeling strangely at home in her hand. One or two fell to the bite of her blade, but the hilt of a sword caught her painfully behind the ear and she fell into darkness.


The strangest presence in those fevered dreams kept her from going mad. Louvete knew she was grieving, knew she had lost the largest part of her life, but a large grey wolf promoted curiosity in her instead of yielding to the idea that there was nothing for her. And when she opened her eyes … Light, the carnage. The wagon burned, and bodies lay everywhere. Miraculously they had left her alive, although she did not want to reckon what had happened while she was unconscious. She saw Avun’s unmoving form and dragged herself across to him painfully, throwing herself down on him and crying, rocking in abject sorrow. The curiosity of her dream was the only thing she had now, and she took to wandering the countryside after she had buried her lover.


Exhaustion was the only thing that allowed Louvete to sleep, her body spent from roaming and her heart sick from thinking and remembering. She was so empty. When sleep did claim her, it was filled by the same presence as it had that night, the wolf regarding her calmly with golden eyes. It pulled at her mind, that lupine occupation of her dreams and began to intrude on her self-pitying musings as miles passed unnoticed in weary travel. Everything seemed so much more than it had been before, more detailed, sharper and more distinct. The pain was dulled by a wakening curiosity in the form of heightened detail in the most mundane things, not to mention everything else. A small patch of grass now told Louvete so much, as she could see each individual blade and, when a little closer, she could smell the earth, the grass itself and if any flowers were nearby, the sun-warmed scent of their petals as they floated to the sparse surface. Herbs. Animals. If she concentrated, Louvete found she was beginning to differentiate between the different sensations; her skill at trapping rabbits, or bringing them down with a sling improved, as she was better able to see her target. She noticed wolves in the distance sometimes, when she travelled, but never close enough to make her wonder … and the noises as she lay her head down in exhaustion. Light! She had not known how comforting it was to hear a wolf’s call at night – thanks to her dreams. And still the dreams continued. Was it the same presence in her dreams, night after night? There were so many questions, and so many miles yet to travel. She felt weary beyond belief and felt far older than her young age, Louvete made her steady way across the lands. Unconsciously, she was travelling towards the answer to her dream, something that could not possibly be a replacement for Avun.


It was enough for now.

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