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Star Wars based in Fantasy Realm/Time


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I was thinking. And I need you guys opinions and/or knowledge. I was wondering about suggesting a series of books be written based on the Star Wars Universe, but taking place during the typical fantasy timeline. No Star Ships or Light Sabers, in fact no technology at all. Only swords of iron, horses, castles and inns, etc... But you'd still have the force. Both light and dark sides. This could also go as far back as the very beginning or not. I'd love to see a star wars based series set in medaeval times. Jedi who ride horses. Wields iron swords. Sith who could be considered evil wizards.


My question is two parts. What do you guys think. And secondly, and most important, has it already been done? I've never read a single star wars novel, only movies, so I wouldn't know.

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The WG rox...I wish I had time to post there.


Maybe a setting that has already been seen onscreen but is maybe not up to speed (pardon the pun) with how advanced the Jedi areas of the universe are?


Endor? Hoth? Neither seemed too technologically-advanced, so may be conducive to more traditonally-fantasyish type writing. Just an Idea! :)




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The only time/place this would be possible that occurs to me would be Tython pre Force Wars, over 25k years BBY. We know that both Dark and Light Jedi during the Force Wars used force augmented metal blades. However we also know that they had droids at this time.


If you're looking for a pure fantasy setting that still has Jedi in it I'm afraid you'll be disappointed without going completely outside the realm of canon SW.

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Two thoughts here.


First, The nerds at Wookieepedia have compiled a timeline of galactic history and there's enough proto-history if you wanted to situate the story within a pre-galactic civilization framework. I think this route would be a little problematic for the same reasons the Caprica series flopped. It was a great premise but the writers added unneeded baggage by linking it to the Battlestar Galactica 'verse. There's also a chronological timeline of books within the Galaxy and the earliest occurs five thousand years before the Battle of Yavin.


You could theoretically just invent an overlooked planet with early medieval technology and frame the Force in more mythical terms. The work could depict this agrarian society in isolation and later coming into contact with Galactic civilization. There's still the problem of going through that much trouble to create this setting and then tie it into the Star Wars franchise smoothly without making it seem like a drastic re-edit. I would have a hard time reading such a book. Why didn't the author feel confident enough to make it a stand-alone work? Is it really Star Wars without spaceships? Obviously, there are going to be stages of this earlier civilization in Star Wars canon but I still think the franchise spin would be a massive turn off.


I think cindy's idea is the best. Look for fiction written from a Jungian or archetypal perspective and don't bother tacking on Star Wars. I tried to find a list of books written in that vein but archetypes are mostly used to explain ... stuff. Growth of the hero, the initiative wizard, the quest for the sacred, etc. It's kinda sorta massively uninspiring and it's downright painful in fiction, like an endless sea of terminology and theory smeared across a plot.


The only "hero's growth" book that I can think of is John Barnes' "One for the Morning Glory".

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