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Hi My Name's TheAncients


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The Scene: A class room of some unknown college, 13 seats are arranged in a circle, 12 people are gathered around the bespoke coffee machine.


There's a flickering of the floresent bulbs and a person appears in the centre of the cirlcle...


Mysterious Person: Hi everyone - my name's greg and I'm here to welcome you all to this gathering...


TheAncients slowly turns to look at the figure all dressed in bright green and orange. A chill, he feels emanates from this person.

"I'm here to welcome y'all to tonights festivities and communications" - that high pitched squeel, tone of voice vibrates the very essence of his bones, he turns to look back at the doors - there's still hope, there not shut yet, could he make it.




The End.

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Welcome to WoTaholics Anonymous Dragonmount - my name is Ama and i've been reading WoT for around 20 years. There is no 12-step program here... just a thorough immersion into the world RJ created....


I hope you enjoy your time with us and if you have any questions about anything on DM feel free to ask :)

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Thank you for the warm welcome and in answer to your questions here are my views:


Favorite Baddy: Padan Fain - Why - you know where you stand with him. If you met him down a dark alley, you know your not going to go leave alive.


Favorite Goody: Mat - Why - He's the rogue. I wouldn't play poker with the guy but if he was your best man you know you'd have a good nite, shackled to some lamp post in some forgotten country with a pig lickin your leg and a tattoo on your backside.


Anyway I'm in the process of re-reading the books again and will come back with a few questions.


The Ancients.

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Greetings fair crimson on this wind swept, chilly afternoon.


I came across DM whilst wandering through telanrhiod (if that's how you spell it).


Anyway, I'd just been in the tavern, checkin out the buxom wenches when this bloke came in - called himself Mat he did and you know what - within 5 minutes he was sat down, pint in front of him and the wench I was hoping to pull sat there on his lap with her arms all over him and snoggin his face off.


So you know what I did - I walked over to him and brought out my dice - thinkin I'll get his money and buy the wench for myself. He pulled the girl off him looked up at me and smiled.


"Dice for the girl...?" I said,


"Sure - lets see how you luck holds out.." he said.


I sat down opposite him, ordered another drink, put down my 30 pieces of silver, he just opened his jacket and brought out a little brown pouch and dropped it next to my coins.


"More than enough in there to cover your coins" he said.


"Fair enough" I said and shook the dice in my hands.


With a flick of the wrist I sent the coins rolling against the table, hitting the wall and eventually coming to rest on the table.


Two 5's, Two 6's and a 1 - two pair I got. (To be honest I was a little worried at that - not a great hand)


"Not bad" Mat said. "My turn" as he picked up the dice.


I don't know about you but there are times when you feel, in the presence of someone or something, that things are somehow changing around you. Anyway Mat picked up the dice, shook them in his hands and without taking his eyes off me flicked the dice onto the table.


I swear for a moment as I looked down at the dice they paused, almost trying to make their minds up about which way to fall. I looked back up at Mat and his grin just made me giggle.


Two 4's, Two 5's and a 1 landed on the table. I couldn't believe my luck and yes I did cheer and laugh a bit.


Anway with that I picked up my coins and took his pouch, opened it and saw Gold. I've never seen so much gold before. Mat smiled at me leant over the table and asked me if I'd pay his bar bill.


That toppled me over in fits of laughing and of course I agreed. We carried on drinking through the night chatting bubbles and playing dice just for the fun of it.


It reached a point though that I had to goto bed so I spoke to the inn keeper and asked for a decent room and paid for it with the winnings.


As soon as mu head hit the pillow I found DM.


The Ancients.

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