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Question regarding my RJ collection

Guest McSmashie

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Guest McSmashie

Hello all,


Due to unfortunate circumstances (I will spare everyone the sad story), I am in the position of needing to raise money. Sadly, I think I may have to part with my Wheel of Time book collection. Now, it has been a long time since I have been into booking collecting and Im not sure what the market would be for my collection.


I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me an idea of what this collection might bring? Here is a link to my Flickr page if anyone would like to see:




The collection includes:


  • The bookclub edition of The Lord of Chaos with Jordan's name spelled as Jorden
  • Both the blue and red intro editions to EotW (the red one is very hard to find)
  • The Eye of the World advance reading copy
  • All hardcover editions of the main series (all are 1st/1st except for The Eye of the World, 9th, and The Great Hunt, 1st/3rd)
  • Three 1st/1st Fallon hardcovers
  • Two 1st/1st Conan hardcovers
  • 1st/1st Cheyenne Raiders hardcover
  • The WoT roleplaying game
  • The WoT Prophecies of the Dragon RPG
  • 1st edition mass market paperback of EotW
  • Russian 1st editions of EotW
  • 1st edition The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
  • CD and case of the WoT computer game
  • The Checkerbee Checklist for The Wheel of Time
  • Five New Spring comic books
  • 1st/1st Trade Paperbacks of Legends, Eye of the World, The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn


Any help or guidance you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help and happy holidays!

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That ARC of Eye of the World is probably one of the more pricier. If any are signed you can start those at about $50.00 on the low end for hardbacks. There's lots of books on ebay signed by Jordan for $150.00 but they sit and don't really sell. I picked a few up for about $30 each right after his death and was surprised they didn't go much higher. A few months later things were listing and selling for three times what I paid for those. Interest dies down after each new book has been out for a while. Best time to sell is coming up once the release of AMOL draws closer. Some fan will snap those up. I thought my collection was impressive at almost a hundred hardbacks and paperbacks with about 5 1st/1st signed but yours trumps it with the Russian books and the computer game, the ARC, and those two role playing books. Sadly, many people can go to a goodwill or a thrift store and can find a RJ hardback for 3-5 bucks, and paperbacks for .99 cents. I had about 300 of his books I rescued from the grave until some idiot roofers left the skylight off my shop and soaked all my boxes of books when it rained. I'm glad I had a "private" collection of those in better condition still in my house.


As to the value, if I wasn't an honest guy I'd hope to dazzle you with a hundred bucks and take possession of those, but I'd say count $10-15 for each hardback, $50 for the ARC, used prices on the comics, $15 for the Russian novelty books, check Amazon for prices on the role playing game books, the Cd between $10-20. On a bad day about $150, on a good day with the right timing with the AMOL release, well over $200 as a package deal. Apart you'll not get more than $5-10 for the hardbacks and people would rather pay shipping on a group rather than buying single books. I've looked most of them up three months ago using Amazon for the prices for insurance on my collection so sight unseen, that's my best guess, but you'll get other opinions based off people's interest in the material. Sadly, you won't get what you put into most of them back monetarily. I say don't sacrifice them, add to them. Look for those misprints, books in other languages, etc. The more complete you can make that collection, the more appeal it has to others. The rarer the item most fans haven't seen before like the bumper stickers from the Great Hunts, other limited item things, other works of RJ, advance reader copies, author signed books, the more appealing the collection will be and the more complete, the better a price you can ask. Hope this guideline helps.

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Wow, sorry that I will provide no input relevant to your sitution.


(I hope whatever has befallen you (that doesnt sound right to me, but I am tired and not up to it :D) works out, and, I know it is not much, but feel free to inbox me if you feel the need to discuss/vent/yell at whatever situation you have found yourself in, I will support my fellow wo/man and WoT lover)


The point being, I am very impressed with this collection. As stated, unfortunately, I have no significant input, I live in Australia, so I hardly know the worth of something in whatever country you may be in, but I would like to show my support and thanks for making me aware that there were such different copies of the wheel of time available. (there are usually only 1 or two available in australia where i live)

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