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Fav movie/ book (series) or TV show


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incarnations of imortality is an amazing book series. also reading demon war cycle same guy who wrote rift war


Didn't think anyone else on DM got into those! Piers Anthony is hit or miss, but I enjoy most of that series.


How did this thread get bumped up recently btw?



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I started this one series 20 years ago....Wheels from Time or something like that. I can't remember exactly what it was called.....



I like the classics. Dune (before Herberts son sold out), LotR, Belgariad (not so much the Malloreon), Rama and I'm sure a dozen more I can't remember this morning.

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herberts son and kevin j anderson should be staked out in the desert, smeared with honey and fire ants, and be made to listen to audio books of the evil they've perpetrated until the sob their last breaths.


umm, so yeah, dune. JRR. dragonriders, yes. mercedes lackey, guilty pleasure. terry f'ing pratchett, oh yeah. http://www.neilgaiman.com/ great blog, great writer, best audio book ever the graveyard book. maguire most of the time. leguin most of the time. like rowling, but ashamed of it.


classic classics, dickens, austen, 2 of 3 brontes, alcott (not bronson so much, though he's an interesing guy to read about), ingalls-wilder, twain OK, tolstoy half OK. forster. more than ic an remember.


movies like a really wide field, great, good and bad. could probably live with TCM alone if i had to. 30s - 40s best. the usual sci-fi. and the same sci-fi TV as everyone else i think. all the stargates, most of the treks, the old star wars. love some documentaries. alone in the wilderness, favorite i think. love merchant ivory, puts everyone else to sleep.


and way too many to type. every times someone asks this i think of 50 more tyhings i should add. so i'll stop.

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