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Hello everyone.


I thought I probably should introduce myself first and how I ended up on these boards so here goes:


I finally got around to reading the Wheel of Time and found myself craving a bit more material on the series or discussion about it and found these forums. I actually ended up reading the series after finishing GRRM:s A dance With Dragons and was in need of some more fantasy and a friend of mine recommended WoT. The series had been on my radar for quite some time and I had read the first 4 novels before translated to my native language in the year I-don't-even-remember but dropped it after them for reasons unknown. So I ended up buying the whole series on one go, although this in English and spending quite some time reading through all of them, now, I guess I'm something of a fan of the series and very much waiting for the Memory of Light. I have to say I am quite surprised about how much I actually like the series as it seems to feature many concepts I dislike very much, but despite them I think I enjoyed most WoT books more than most other books I've read this year.


As one might have already guessed I'm rather big fan of fantasy (I blame that on the fact that The Hobbit was the first book I ever read and LOTR the second) and I would say it is the genre I've read the most throughout years. I'm studying mathematics at the moment, and I always tend to identify my interests around different branches of science, particularly mathematics but I have interest also in physics, biology and certain areas of psychology. Norse mythology is also something of a point of interest to me.


Judging from other threads in this particular area certain questions are inevitable so.. I'll answer a few of those right now:


The favorite character in the series for me is without a doubt Mat, if for nothing else, the Odin/Loki-thing going on for him is I think amazing. And there is always the charming rogue archetype that just is likable, not to mention that Mat & Fortuona == OTP if there ever was one, they are even better pairing than Spike & Buffy. (And I generally dislike true love and OTP:s in literature and other media but, I can't help but like this one.)


I will also give an honorable mention for Moridin, he seems to be a bit less mad as Moridin than Ishamael and I think he is one of the most sympathetic characters in the series and I really like what we have seen of him. This obviously means I don't really seem him as very evil, I really see him as a man doing what he thinks is right, no matter the cost.


And the least likable character is, surprise surprise, Egwene, a sentiment that quite many seem to share. I really can't like her, the story arc of her being the rebel Amyrlin inside the Tower was well done and her definite high point, but she still is not likable even with that.


If someone will ask more question I may even answer. And if anyone hasn't gathered it yet, I do have a habit to start rambling and I occasionally tend to write Wall-of-Text posts, all in all, I wished to introduce myself and I look forward to perhaps even contributing to some discussions.

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Welcome to DM Wotain. There are lots of fun activities available fo you to participate in. Their are the discussion boards, RP if you like, and the social groups. Check it all out.


As you can probly tell I am a large Tolkien fan also. Silmarillion is my favorite of his work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Either here or via PM.

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This one did research before posting... Gives me a bit less to say when I welcome him... GRRR :P


How did you discover us/why did you decide to join us? (HA!)


If you like to ramble and get off topic I'd recommend the Black Tower as a social group. It happens quite often there.


As far as I know (and I know rather well being a member of 7 of the social groups) we don't really have a math and science-heavy interest area.... So I'd recommend just poking around and seeing where you think you fit. You can join as many social groups as you want (all or none!).


Mat's also one of my favorites and I love the Mat/Tuon relationship (sorry sorry Fortuona. He still thinks of her as Tuon. Probably because he doesn't know about the name change yet but still). Can't wait to see what happens!!!!


(Oh and Turin--first word third sentence--*there :)P )

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I share your opinions of Moridin and Egewene. There are many here who don't think good of her. I had liked Moridin since he appeared in A Crown of Swords or was it Lord of Chaos. Maybe it was because I didn't like Moghedien so I thought he was right in punishing her. But the depth of his character comes when he rescues Rand in the end of Crown of Swords and drop him a hint on how to kill Sammael.


If you could be any one character in the book who would you like to be?




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Oh, I got questions. Thanks for everyone for the welcomes.


@Aiel Heart: Doing research, that just is my thing :) How I found this place, well, actually as I own the European paperback-versions the cover-art is rather bland and off I went into the internet to search what the covers look like in other versions I tumbled on this site - I did have the intention to find some place to discuss the series too, but the cover-art was the main purpose. After finding them... I do have to say I consider myself lucky that I have the version I have, the cover-art is mostly abominably bad (except in the e-books, really like the Mat-cover art, which really is a shame. The point is, basically stumbled upon and joined.


I really don't know exactly why the Mat/Fortuona chemistry works for me, I think it may have something to do how Fortuona doesn't seem to realise that she does in fact love Mat. Nice to see others share that sentiment. How their relationship progresses is really one of the things I anticipate the most, I do have a gut-feeling that Fortuona may end up channeling to save Mats life, but it just might be too obvious.


And off-topic has been my specialty on a few other forums - I'll have to check the social groups out.


@Pankhuri: Oh, dislike for Egwene I think is something I did anticipate - I guess I could understand why someone would like her, but I don't seem to be capable of that in spite of appreciating that one story arc of hers as one of the best in the series. Liking Moridin is something I would guess many don't share, my liking for him stems from the fact that I really don't see him as a necessarily bad guy, more like Lucifer in Mike Careys Lucifer. Somewhat sociopathic, devious and in the end interested only what he himself wants and as I see it, both want the same thing, to be free of a system they perceive to be fundamentally flawed and repressive. I can't fault them for that.


If I could be one character I think I really would like to be Moridin, with a close second of Mat now that he has lost his eye and has a excuse to wear a headscarf Iorveth-style(The elf in my avatar). I would have to admit that having Perrins abilities could be a nice experience also.. Can't decide.

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There's cool things about every character.


I can totally see that happening. I'm pretty sure Fortuona is going to end up channeling for some reason or another. There was a discussion that Mat had with Thom about how he wouldn't want to become a Warder, so I have a feeling that he's going to become hers :P Saving his life would be a nice touch too...

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