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Hi fellow Wheel of Timers. I first heard about The Wheel of Time from friends while I was serving in the Navy onboard submarines. I was in the nuclear engineering dept. and many of us were interested in this series. The nature of our watchstations was that we would be in a small room, monitoring the nuclear reactor, for six hours at a time. There would be many times where there would be nothing going on. We would talk about many things, from motorcyles and cars, making beer, and The Wheel of Time. As such, we would all reflect the possibilities off each other, much the same way you do here.


I am now out of the navy, and studying physics at the Univ. of Texas in Arlington. :cool:

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Now that must have been so cool! This is actually the first time I've heard of a group of people who work together being fans of the WoT. Do you guys stay in touch still? And how did it come about that you all read it?


Oh yeah ... welcome to DM :biggrin:


ps: I used to read a lot of navy fiction, with submarines being my favourite subject.

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*blinks* A whole group of WoT people???? AWESOME!!!


Lucky my WoT friends aren't nearly as obsessed as me. My main WoT people are here!!


Are any of them already here?


Welcome to dm!!!!


Which book are you on? Which parts and characters are your favorites? Would you like a tour of dm?


Hope you love it here as much as we do :D


If you have any questions just ask :D

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Welcome to DM cpcampbell. I first picked up WoT while in the Navy. I served as an ELT on Dwight D. Eisenhower. A shipmate gave me a copy of EotW in 1990 as he had read it and space is limited. I couldn't stop reading it. That was a rough week, standing early morning watch and trying to read as much as possible. I haven't been here that long but I will answer any questions I can.


Good to see another Nuke in here. What boats were you on?

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