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Egwene's Disciplining of Bode Cauthon

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I often wonder what the conversation was like before Egwene sent her to the Mistress of Novices:


Newly arrived novice Bode barges into Egwene's study / tent, "Egwene, you simply must do something to save Mat from that awful Rand, he's the, the, um Dragon Reborn after all."


Egwene: (radiating frost like a glacier) Child, do you have permission to see me?


Bode: What, I've known you for years, how dare you talk to me like that!


Egwene: I dare because I'm the Amyrlin Seat not the innkeeper's daughter you remember me as, but in any case your brother's fine, he visited Salidar recently.


Bode: (raises eyebrows) But... you didn't hold him or assign him something to do to keep him safe?


Egwene: (rolls eyes) What do you suggest child, have him milk our cows or tend the gardens? Your mother, sister, Nynaeve and you could never keep Mat on task; what makes you think an Amyrlin could make him responsible with a mere wave of her hand? (resigned sigh)


Bode: (Pausing in thought) Then he's okay, away from Rand I mean... What's this about him being a general, Mat couldn't even lead sheep into their holding pen without Da watching?


Egwene: Why he's the Hero of the Shaido War, and led a procession of honor in Cairhien, or haven't you heard?


Bode: That doesn't sound like my brother; he's usually talking without thinking, making excuses, or pulling his half baked pranks...


Egwene: Yes, well it seems to be a family trait... By the way, would you happen to know who put itch powder in Faolain's shift or shrunk Sheriam's corset?


Bode: (innocence personified) Um, I have heard other novices mention something about that Mother...


Egwene: (rueful shake of head) Now you are suddenly the dutiful novice, it's good to see you trying to avoid speaking outright lies; it will serve you well if you ever manage to be raised. Although, I must say that Mat is still more skilled at feigning innocence or righteous indignation. Now, child, you may leave me to go see the Mistress of Novices and report that you have been informal with the Amyrlin. Once you are about your assigned extra chores you may meditate about why Aes Sedai have to be impartial and not be seen to favor prior friendships.


Bode: (sighs while performing curtsy) Yes, Mother, I will become Aes Sedai, even if it kills me... (displays subtle Mat-like grin while still being meek)

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Personally, I think it's hilarious to think about Two Rivers girls getting a dose of cold, hard reality when meeting Egwene.


"No. We're not going to stay up all night braiding each others hair and talking about boys. You are novices. I am the Amyrlin seat."


"But Egwene!"


"The Last Battle is coming. The Dragon has been reborn, and gathers more kingdoms and armies to him by the day. The Seanchan are a threat to everything that this Tower and these kingdoms stand for. Men who can channel have created a rival school, and go unchecked. There are potentially dozens of sisters secretly sworn to the Dark One, hidden among us. And within the Tower itself, I need to delicately balance the shifting alliances within the Hall of the Tower to keep us moving forward, together as a group. With all of these dangers, all of those weights on my shoulders, you expect me to braid your hair and talk about boys?"


"Um, it'd be relaxing? Come on Egwene, just like we used to!"


"Go to the Mistress of Novices. Tell her to assign you a suitable punishment for wasting the time of the Amyrlin Seat."




I also really, really want to see Bode meeting Mat again.


And come to think of it, I hope that Bran and Marin al'Vere both show with the forces that Tam is bringing from the Two Rivers. I'd love to see Egwene's decorum break, just a little. Nothing so much as Rand seeing Tam after his experience on Dragonmount. I want to see her loosen up just a little, and be the mayors daughter for a few minutes, rather than the Amyrlin Seat.

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Poor Bode.

She just recovered from a DR Rand episode in Caemlyn, and she's already in Egwene's cross-hairs.

I may add a future spanking from Mat after she tries to use the OP on him and fails because she doesn't know about his medallion.

I think she's missing Lord Perrin just about now.

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