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Hello DM

Dai Aldazar

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Hello DM.


I have been reading WoT since 1996 and was hooked on page one of the prologue. I knew I was a fanatic the first time I had a dream about channeling the OP. Needles to say I was quit disappointed when I woke up and could no longer reach the source. A few years ago I told my kids a watered down summary of EotW for a bed time story one chapter a night for about a week. Any time someone is bold enough to bring up the subject of books they have read to me I recommend WoT. My first books were paperbacks and I read them until they fell apart. I have since replaced them with hardbacks and I have read them enough that some of them have fallen apart and been replaced. Every time I read the books I fine something new. I have read NS through ToM. I've been lurking here at DM off and on for years. I do not have much time to read (Some times as little as 30 minutes a week) so it takes me quite a bite of time to get through WOT. My last read through (EotW thru ToM) took 18 months and I just finished at the end of August.


I don't know that I have a favorite character. I have heard an agonizing "NOOOOO" echo through the house on occasion as I move to a new chapter and realize the plot line has shifted to someone else. Oddly enough by the time I get to the next plot line shift it happens again. There is quite a long list of characters I like, so to keep it brief I'll give two non-main characters; Gaul and Setalle Anan.

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Dai Aldazar! Good that you stopped lurking and decided to sign up. :biggrin:


I guess you already now what to find here but if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you not only wish to discuss the book but to meet friends then I suggest you join a social group. I hope you will have a great time here.

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He likes Gaul, AH, not Gawyn ... lol ... I must say those are 2 of my favourite characters too. My favourites are all non-main characters, to be honest.


Hi there and welcome to DM (finally!), Dai Aldazar! That was a lovely story - you definitely have the gift of the gab :biggrin:


I would love to see you on the RP side, but if you have limited time to spend on here, I suppose we'll have to just nab you for the Social Side ... lol

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