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  1. The Dragon's Chamber by Min Farshaw The Fire in the Snow by Aviendha Nights with the Car'a'Carn - What Really Happened by Aviendha
  2. I believe i read somewhere that RJ planned on leaving a fair amount of plot threads open at the end. Basically critical threads needed for the main plot will be resolved and a few random/planned threads. I do not see the need to resolve the Seanchan and Aiel threads in order to wrap up TG. Its likely that Aviendha's viewings were as close to resolution as we will get for the Aiel and Seanchan. I would like to get a nice neat everything is wrapped up ending but franky WoT is to massive to ever have closure on every plot thread. I think if RJ had finished the series in one book we would have had something as big as two reams of paper with pages as thin as bible pages in super small font that you would need a magnifing glass to read. I would have read that monster too.
  3. 1. There is a finite window of opertunity. 2. The DO has to be ready during the window. 3. The person in question has to be one that the DO wants to keep in play or rather fits into his plan to destroy the pattern. 4. A suitable vessel(body) has to be available to put the soul/essence of the person in.
  4. From Aviendha's viewing of her families futur I got the following impressions: 1. If the Aiel hold their honer and do not return to the way of the leaf the Seanchan will eventually conquer all of Randland and utterly destory the Aiel. 2. If the Aiel do swallow their pride and go back to the way of the leaf then the political lines will hold where they are and the Dragon's peace will reign for a lot longer. I really do not like these impressions because I really like the Aiel and I think it is too soon for the Aiel to be forced back into that role. However it is unlikely to be a plot thread that is wrapped up for us. Personally I feel that with a concerted effort the Aiel (en mass) could mop the Seanchan up like a spilled drink.
  5. I went with Number 2 as I do not think Rand is anywhere close to the creator. I felt he is far stronger/skilled than anyone else, the veil over his past lives was lifted as a reward from the creator for not destroying the pattern. 1. It is very likely that pre-VoG Rand just plan and simply had not reached his full potential. Why it is possible that post-VoG Rand has not reached his full potential. 2. I have begun toying with the thought that pre-VoG Rand may have had a block. We now that most wilders have blocks (Nynaeve, Theodrin, Tarna, Fedwin Morr). We are given the impression that Taim is a wilder but we really do not know one way or the other so I'll leave the arguments for that in their own threads. Rand considers himself to be a normal person. Since the beginning Rand has been in denial and actually fulfills prophecy in an attempt to prove that he is not the Dragon. But in reality he is not just the Dragon Reborn he is also the CoL. He does not want to be the Dragon Reborn so he limits his strength to the top of the normal range. It is quit possible that LTT had the same block as he did not know that he was the CoL. 3. He is The strongest Ta'veren, The CoL and The Dragon Soul - If he needs it the pattern just turns up the dial on his access to the one power. Rand always seems to be able to channel what he needs to accomplish his task - when he can channel. Yes sometimes he has an angreal or sa'angreal to give him a boost. Not once that I can recall did he start channeling and after a few moments stop and look at everybody and say "Sorry can't do it, I just don't have enough juice to get it done." His fight with Asmodean while holding the choeden khan was close but he still pulled it off. During VoG one or more things happened. 1. He reached his max potential. 2. His block was removed because he is at peace with being The strongest Ta'veren, The CoL and The Dragon Soul. 3. It is one minute to TG and the pattern cranked the OP dial to max volume. Combine his strength with his post-VoG knowledge and skill from all of his previous incarnations not just LTT and not only can he do more with less power but he has more power too. As far as the meeting with Tuon I think that was his will losing out to the pattern because Egwene was not the Amyrlin Seat yet. Had the Tower Aes Sedai done something about Elaida then the pattern would have forced Tuon to accept him. But Elaida needed to be removed. We have been told time and again that being ta'veren does not mean things happen the way you want. It means the pattern is shaped around you for what is needed. The pattern absolutely bent around him in that encounter, just not the way he wanted.
  6. Hello DM. I have been reading WoT since 1996 and was hooked on page one of the prologue. I knew I was a fanatic the first time I had a dream about channeling the OP. Needles to say I was quit disappointed when I woke up and could no longer reach the source. A few years ago I told my kids a watered down summary of EotW for a bed time story one chapter a night for about a week. Any time someone is bold enough to bring up the subject of books they have read to me I recommend WoT. My first books were paperbacks and I read them until they fell apart. I have since replaced them with hardbacks and I have read them enough that some of them have fallen apart and been replaced. Every time I read the books I fine something new. I have read NS through ToM. I've been lurking here at DM off and on for years. I do not have much time to read (Some times as little as 30 minutes a week) so it takes me quite a bite of time to get through WOT. My last read through (EotW thru ToM) took 18 months and I just finished at the end of August. I don't know that I have a favorite character. I have heard an agonizing "NOOOOO" echo through the house on occasion as I move to a new chapter and realize the plot line has shifted to someone else. Oddly enough by the time I get to the next plot line shift it happens again. There is quite a long list of characters I like, so to keep it brief I'll give two non-main characters; Gaul and Setalle Anan.
  7. I started reading WOT in 1996 and became hook during the prologue. I have read through ToM and am "patiently" awaiting aMoL.

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