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Favorite obscure scenes.....


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I like any scene where Rand, Mat or Perrin put down Aes Sedai hard. It just makes me laugh at those horrible arrogant hags. (After that whole box scene, I wouldn't have blamed Rand if he's stilled every Aes Sedai who looked at him crooked or gave him any lip)


Yet by far my favorit scene is when Thom faces the Myrdraal in Whitebridge. Just the image of old reluctant Thom charging towards that Myrdraal daggers flying is just... perfect.

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I absolutely love Elayne trying to swear...she listens to things like Mat's "sheepswallop" curses, then tries them out later, only get called out for saying them wrong.


Ha! It's so funny when people do that; another nuance that really adds to the characters.

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I just thought of another scene. Egwene admitting to the wise ones that she isn't a full Aes Sedai and then meeting her Toh. Not the beating itself, but the wise ones reaction afterward. It is just so rare for one of the girls to show either gratitude or responsibility that it stands out.

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