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Hi fellow wheeloftimers

Alex Drougas

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Hi everybody. I may be new in this community but I've been an avid follower and reader of the series for decades. I've lost count of the times I've read and re-read each book (I even had to replace a couple of them as they came apart)and every time I discover something new. Am I an addict, I wonder! Anyway, I must confess that I was disappointed by the fact that the final book won't be published until 2012, so I'll just have to re-read everyting once again. Take care and may the light shine on you all.

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Hi there Alex, and welcome to DM! It's always great when a fellow addict joins :biggrin:


So tell me, are you really from Greece? I'm from South Africa.


Some of the other members will be here soon and will give you all kinds of information - feel free to ask questions or advice once they've done that :laugh:

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Welcome to DM, Alex!


Yes, this place is perfect for WoT addicts! :biggrin:


In DM there is


General discussion. WoT theories and... discussion. :)


Social groups. There is an info thread in each, they will tell what the group's about and how to join etc. I recommend!


Role playing groups. Create your own character and tell about her/his life in Randland. Here should be important info too.


Hope you will like DM!

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Role playing groups (RP groups, maybe Dragon Reborn RP if I remember right) are the ones that are under social groups in the main forum page. You should see the welcoming inn. The community is where you start. There is the info too.


The chat room problem I can't answer, I don't use it at all. If I remember correctly there should somewhere in the forums 101 thread or DM bug reports and faqs. I'm not sure.


Sorry for being so unclear! :blush:

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Thank you all for welcoming me to DM. Yes,Elgee, I really am from Greece.


That's wonderful! I don't think we have anyone else from Greece here yet, though we have people from all over the world :biggrin:


To answer a few of your questions:


To find out more about the Role Playing groups, please go check out all the pinned topics at The Welcome Inn.

That is where you will find all the information you need, and where you can ask further questions.

To see the actual role plays, scroll down till you see a board called "Dragon Reborn Role Playing". You won't be able to post there until you have an approved biography, but you can read other people's RPs so long.


As for the chat room - I believe that is only for premium members (in other words you have to pay for that service).

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