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Cat is back, hi again!

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Hello everyone! I'm Cat. Also known as Catiendha Myerin. Also known as Cat Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Also known as Mama Cat. And Chris Myers in this mundane world!!


I have been a Novice here in the past, also a naughty novice at TV, MoN and head of the Brown Ajah at ToL, Amyrlin at TTU and a few other WoT personalities. It has been a rough couple of years for me in the real world. I'm back on my feet and eager to reconnect with all my WoT friends! I'm ready to start over as a Novice here.


When I left a year or so ago I was a Novice in House Sanche. I hope I can get a mentor to show me around. I'm eager to get back into the WoT world! Please smack me back into line! I'm very eager to be a good little Novice.


Hi to all my old friends and hopefully new ones!

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Hey how do you do? Im suspecting you are speaking of the RP section! If so thank you! We love every new person we can get. Im quite sure someone from the white tower will come around. And if you get ur characters back to their feet you should come by the waste sometime. Hope you enjoy ur time here!

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Welcome back, Cat!


I've found you in the records, and your status was Novice. Please read the following pinned topic at the WT main board, to catch up with any changes since you were last here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/60639-wtwarders-101-all-please-read-especially-new-returning-members/


I'll request that you be re-added to our usergroups right away, but please be patient with us until one of our Social Group Admins gets the chance to add you :biggrin:

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Thanks for the warm welcomes back! Yes, the real world has been rough the last year or so! But I am eager to get back into WoT, where I would live full time if I could!


RP?!?! I will check that out! I need to find my way around this huge site again!!


I will read updates and behave myself (mostly ;) )!!

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