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  1. Thanks for the warm welcomes back! Yes, the real world has been rough the last year or so! But I am eager to get back into WoT, where I would live full time if I could! RP?!?! I will check that out! I need to find my way around this huge site again!! I will read updates and behave myself (mostly ;) )!!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Cat. Also known as Catiendha Myerin. Also known as Cat Sedai of the Brown Ajah. Also known as Mama Cat. And Chris Myers in this mundane world!! I have been a Novice here in the past, also a naughty novice at TV, MoN and head of the Brown Ajah at ToL, Amyrlin at TTU and a few other WoT personalities. It has been a rough couple of years for me in the real world. I'm back on my feet and eager to reconnect with all my WoT friends! I'm ready to start over as a Novice here. When I left a year or so ago I was a Novice in House Sanche. I hope I can get a mentor
  3. Very good point Beer Rot! (btw, lurves the name! beer, hells yeah!) Narg, at least, could speak in the common language and have the cunning and restraint to overcome the Trolloc blood-lust of just killing for a time. Was he bi-lingual? Wow! He was probably a genius amongst Trollocs! The fact that Trollocs are organized into clans, with distinct insignia, also supports your idea Beer Rot! 1st book, when Lan muses over the different insignia gathered from the dead Trollocs. Who makes the trolloc insignia? Who makes their clothing, boots and weapons? We see later how My
  4. I am officially ignoring a certain grumpy, ill-mannered, confrontational grouch in this topic. If a certain looby wishes to twist words into negativity, that is his problem. I started this topic to focus on the positives we can bring to others in unexpected ways. I saw some unexpected kindnesses today. I decided to use public transit and took the bus to the store today. There were a few rowdy, loud, rough-looking young men at the bus stop. But they unexpectedly let others get on the bus ahead of them and were very polite in doing so. They helped several elderly people get on
  5. Fewer items. There, my good deed for the day. Anyway, I prefer not to mention it when I do nice things for people, as it then comes as more of a surprise when I next do them. Mr. Ares the only thing keeping me from introducing you to a good, old-fashioned ass-kicking is the fact that I am determined to be a good little Novice. I will take your punch, since it was so WEAK! We call that a love tap back in PA! :p I've had baby kittens kick me harder. Adella-that is an awesome story with the chocolates! Sometimes just being nice pays off. Pay it forward! Thealynn--that's wha
  6. Evidence of Shadowspawn reading and writing: Book 2, The Great Hunt. Chapter 6. Page 92, 2nd paragraph in my paperback (Rand's POV): . . . blood covered the walls too, but in scrawled letters, single words and whole sentences splashed on every which way. Some were harsh and angular, in a language he did not know, though he recognized Trolloc script. Others he could read, and wished he could not. Blasphemies and obsceneties bed enough to make a stablehand or a merchan't guard go pale. soon after, Rand took straw from the floor and went to scrub away words written in bloo
  7. oh-kay! Yeah, that is a sad commentary on the times that being nice can be misconstrued as having an ulterior motive. People today are too wary and think that everyone is playing the Game of Houses! I got that once while doing my snow angel thingy. One guy confronted me and asked me what I wanted. I told him I did not WANT anything. I was just trying to be a friendly neighbor and help clean cars off to surprise people with a clean car instead of a snow-covered mound. I went away and cleaned off other cars instead of his. Sometimes you just gotta walk away, even when you are
  8. Aginor--the original Mad Scientist! I deduce he was a biologist. He tested the Fades to destruction, yet could not fully comprehend how they did what they did. That is evil genius. His creations got away from him. As a geologist, I sympathize with his curiosity, but not with his evilness. I play with rocks and dirt. I have no compuctions to make evil rock or mud critters! Although if I was turned to the Shadow, I could probably make a gholem. I know where to get the clay, heh heh he he he he! jk. ;D I still think everyone is ignoring my questins about who teaches the
  9. I try to do at least 1 nice, unexpected thing every day. I try to do a random nice thing for some random person, just to make them smile or brighten their day up. There is too much negativity in our world today. I'm not trying to rack up brownie points or sound like a saint. I'm far from it! I just think that by making someone happy, they might pass it on, and make more people happy. How many times have we had a crappy day and grumped at others? they might get grumpy and grump or bitch at others, and so on. Snowball effect. By making at least 1 person happier, they may pas
  10. I recall that I read female Trollocs enjoy being pregnant. That may have been in the BWB or in one of the books. Not sure. I'd have to go look it up. But I am sure somewhere it said the female Trollocs enjoy being pregnant. So yeah, they just produce baby Trollocs or litters of baby Trollocs. What interests me is the genetics of the Trollocs and Myrddraal. Myrdraal are "throwbacks" to the human stock used in the creation of Trollocs. I assume that means that once in a while a female Trolloc gives birth to a baby Myrddraal. Since we have never heard about a female M
  11. I see I have left you all speechless, lol! So I will continue with my WoT brain attack of the mental images. Sorry, once I get an image in my mind it sticks. This is Susan Lucci. She plays Erika Kane on the soap All My Children. I admit, I used to watch it. I'm not a big fan of soap operas, but I used to live in texas and I didn't have cable and it was the only thing on TV in english. I picture her as Queen Tylin. This is Rebecca Budig. She played Greenlee on the soap All My Children. Like I said above, it was the only thing on television in english at the time and the imag
  12. Ok, since I was asked for my opinion, I will post it. Be prepared for geekiness to the geeekth degree, lol! I have always pictured the characters in my head as I read the books. I grew up in the 1970's and 1980's, so a lot of these ideas are from that era. Once I formed an image of a character in my mind, it could not go away. I continued to read and re-read the books and the images stuck with me. Demi Moore could be an Aes Sedai, but I just don't see her as Moiraine. Sorry, but I think Demi would make a good Green sister, but not Moiraine. I always pictured Thom Merril
  13. Ah, okies! Brown in RL here! I recalled that Adolla was my mentor at TV a long time ago, but only remembered that after I posted here. Similar name. ;D I think Arya was my mentor here a long time ago. She was a member of one of my sites for a time, but I have not seen her in a while. Glad to meet you Adella! Well, off to explore the boards and hunt down my long-lost friends and hopefully find some more new ones! FYI all!--I am a hard-core WoT fan. I am very friendly and like to have fun.
  14. Adella, are you Brown on TV? I think maybe you were my mentor there long long ago! Missed you if so! If not, then glad to meet you! I'm glad to meet all of you also! I'm re-re-re-re-reading the books before I read the newest one. I always do that. I like to refresh my memory and look for hidden plots before I crack the spine of a new book.
  15. I'm interested in both! I love RP and I love the community chatting and just having fun with other WoT members. I came back because the other sites I was a member of kinda went inactive. Lots to look at here! I look forward to getting to know all of you and talking to old friends too.
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