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It's Harry Potter Week!


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It's that time again! The 2011 Harry Potter Week is being held in honor of the very last Harry Potter movie, which hits theaters on July 15. We have some fun and exciting events planned so please join in the fun!


We have a Sorting Quiz, a fanfic/fanart contest, and mafia signups already posted. We'll have about 5 other events, as well, some of which will start today, others tomorrow.


You don't have to be Blue and you don't even have to be a Harry Potter fanatic, so dive on in!

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heres a current list of activities available. don't ind the descriptions, i got a bit nerdy with them and added alot of flavor :baalzamon:


Activities List


Fan Fic & Fan Art Contest Have an HP doodle you want to show off, or find yourself just itching to post a fan fic in this wonderful wizarding world? Maybe you want to try your hand at these and just haven't found the reason to. Well heres your chance!! Expellarmus your butt over there by clicking on the link to be taken to the thread for more details, prize siggies will be awarded to the winners.



HP themed Mafia In the mood to lynch a DE? Just aching to AK that annoying Umbridge? Well heres your chance! Come join in the feastivities of FoSing the LLL's and theif your way to victory in this item only Mafia twist! Only 16 players allowed and theres 3 seats left! Its a first coem, first serve type of game, so hurry up before Fluffy is set to guard the start of this exciting game!



Puzzle Game Thread Here at the Quibbler we offer something for the more relaxed of you. each day of this HP week, we'll offer you a fun puzzle to complete at your liesure; we have Mazes, Cross Words, Word Finds and more; so if your looking for somethign to pass the time or find your self drawn to these sorts of activites, get your Quick Quill Quotes ready for a scribbling good time!



Sorting Hat Do you have the loyal heart of a Hufflepuff, or the cunning of a Slytherin; does the bravery of Gryffindor run in your veins, or do you have the intellect of a true Ravenclaw to see you through. While most of us are Muggles, wheres the fun in an HP week if we don't get sorted into our houses? Lucky for us, the Sorting Hat has agreed to stop by and lend his assistance to this task! We even have siggies to show your House Pride!



Boggart Discussion Face yoru fears and feel a truimph like no other! In this discussion you will not only expose your fear but face it head on armed with knowledge and the backing of your peers. now this might not be for the faint of heart, but its worth it. i mean, after all we did get to see Snape in a dress with a stuffed Vulture hat! it maybe Riddikulus, but we'll have fun conquoring our fears together! Award siggies for top pupils will be given after the class is dismissed.



Caption Contest Have a Querky one liner you can place to a picture, well come and join us in this Harry Potter style caption contest. even if you don't want to participate, i encourage you to take a peak at what others have posted; some of the repsonse have a bit of Peeves floating in them. Winners will be choosen at the end for the best captions over all and might get somethign special ... like an edible Dark Mark or turned into a blastened skwert for a day.



Trivia Are you the Professor Binns of Harry Potter trivia? Can you tell us what color Snapes boxers are or how many feathers a Hippogriff has? If so, then have we got the activity for you. Test your brains agaisnt the blues and see if you can school the so called "Harry Potter Ajah" at their own game. If you can, we promise you many blue berrys and an all expense paid trip to Boopsy Closet.



HP Siggie Request* So you want to rock a be-awesome siggie like you see us Blues and others sporting? well come on over to the Blue Public board and request a character that strikes your fancy. Before you ask, yes you can be Dobby's left sock if thats what strikes your fancy. *This thread is only available in the Blues, if you're not a WT member you will not be able to access this thread. If you're not a WT memebr but would still like to sport an HP siggie please PM me and i'll see if i can hook you up.

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we had to go all out!! its the last movie!!! NP Dar, you can add them to the OP if you want, and i'll just erase my post :happy:



we have a few more things instore, one of which all of us blues have been ultra excited about and will be going up soon. i plan to spend the next hour planning it out, and this on top of what i've already done :baalzamon:

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speaking of said event :baalzamon:



Daily Prophet

July 12






As you might have notice from the title of this article, notorious He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has finally been caught and is undergoing a trial as we speak!


Many of us around the world are still celebrating his capture and our holding our breaths with anticipation as his reign of terror is finally at an end. As a mysterious turn of events, the trial will not be held in the Ministry’s infamous Wizengarmont Courtrooms; and instead will be held in another realm.


This realm, recently discovered by the Department of Mysteries, has been named “Randland” and their branch of government has agreed to oversee this widely publicized case. Though reasons for this change of venue weren’t given, as the Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt has refused to give comment, the air of confusion and outrage still surround this unprecedented decision.


Overseeing the case is Elgee, Amyrlin of the White Tower; which is where the set venue is for this case. “While the Wizarding World is new to the existence of our realm, rest assured that justice will be served and the trial will be fair” said Elgee when questioned by correspondent Rita Skeeter Sunday morning.


The prosecutor is the widely known Ministry official Daruya. “I’m looking forward to getting the well disserved justice all of us disserve from this fiends action over the past 20 years. All of us have had our lives violated by Lord Voldemort in some way, and it’s about time he finally paid for the crimes he’s committed” responded Dar when asked how she felt about the case.


The defense for this case has been taken up by well known Scrubbs & Dobbers located in Knockturn alley. The leading attorney on this case, Red, has declined to comment. Readers might recall this firm from widely publicized cases such as “Goblins vs Ministry” after the Goblin revolt of 1812 and the more recently known case of “State vs Greyback” in which Greyback was acquitted of 95 charges of aggravated werewolf bites to minors. Given the firms past history of shady cases and controversial win tactics, it’s not surprising to see they have come to the defense of such a notorious home wreck such as You-Know-Who.


With the case starting in under a day, make sure to stay tuned to the Dailey Prophet for exclusive news via Rita Skeeter! link to live feed of court case

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