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Just saying hi :)


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As I said . . . Hi there!


I'm a new WoT reader. I'm trying to balance my desire to know more and more about this world and read other people's thoughts on it, and my efforts to avoid too many spoilers. So far, I've more or less failed at the latter, but I've still been enjoying the books a lot, and don't feel guilty at all over having skimmed over the second half of book 9 to see what happens next before going back and reading it properly. Yes, I'm bad like that.


Anyway, I can't say I'm a real fan of the series, because there are things about it that I don't like and things that disappoint me, but there are also many things I love, one of them being how unique and rich this world is. Maybe because I'm not so much of an absolute fan, I don't really feel there are any characters I love or hate passionately, unlike, it seems, many people here. But then again, I can't remember ever really hating a character from a book, so maybe it's just me.


I think this is enough of an introduction so I will stop here, and go see if there are others threads where i'd like to post!

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Welcome lol and I love and hates stuff about the wheel of time to. Although I do love mat and rand. Ghaul being another fav. Yes elgee is right the social boards and the RP world will keep u from the spoilers specially if ur already into book 9.


If your interested in trying ur hand in rping I can help you out. If ur interested in the social boards there are plenty of people who can help yah!!

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