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a place to discuss one of my fav TV genres!!




okay its a semi - new show that comes on ABC Thursdays 8/7c called Wipe Out. anyone watch it??




anyone else watch it?? this show is freaking hilarious. i mean, the commentators are blah and annoying, but the show itself is great!! i know it's modeled afte rthe Japenese game shows; but seriously, what better then watching people fall into water and bounce off of stuff or totlaly mis judge a jump and smack into the platform face first!!! i crack up just thinking about it.




i also saw 101 ways to leave a game show last night too, not as funny but still some what. especially when you watch a woman scream her head off as a monster truck runs over her car or as a person gets dragged off a dock by a speed boat moving over 50 mph.

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I watched it when it first came on. I rarely check it out anymore. The little appeal it had rubbed off.


Now what I wish is that they would get something like Ninja Warrior going over here. I know g4 has American Ninja Warrior which is really a gameshow to get 1 or 2 people to Japan to compete.


I occasionally check out Jeopardy but other than that do not game shows.

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