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I was censored on this site for using the F word.


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Not the F word you think, the one that ends in "t" and is a synonym for flatulence.


Just want to start off by saying I don't think this is that big a deal. I'm not frothing with indignation here. I'm not whining about having my rights trampled or anything. I'm not crying 'Nazi'. I just think that it's more than a little silly.


I made a post in the comments section of one of the news articles and it was deleted.


Maybe the mod that made this decision can give me a brief explanation, and tell me what rule I broke.


Or not.



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  • Community Administrator

Perhaps it was the context in which you used the word Fart? Or did you infact, say another word, That ended in a T but started with an S? And is a anagram of the word 'This'.

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i don't recall deleting anyones entire post if it was done on the GD board, generally if i see a word that goes agains the PG-13 site rule i'll edit just that word out.



lex, i would like to point you to the DM CoC though; you'd probably get better results in takeing this up personally with the mod in question through the PM system rather than on a thread :happy:


if you go to the Forums 101 section of DM, you'll find a hierarchy chart which lists the Mods & Admins in charge of each section here on DM. heres a link to it


if you recall the section of DM you posted this article in, PM all the mods and Admins directly over that section and let them know your problem. it might help if you also tell what the thread title was or what the thread was about as well as what day this happened.



hope this helps!!


- Red

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