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  1. Sure, I'd love for you to spoil the book for me once a day for the next month and a half. That way, when I finally get to read the whole thing, it won't be half as enjoyable! Thanks Tor!
  2. Regarding the two women: Tor website says they've been with Rand from the very beginning. The one in blue has gotta be Moiraine. Odds are the other is Nyn, although I don't remember her with short hair in the books. Maybe she saw a stylist in the Borderlands?
  3. Fun fact: Since the date Brandon S was chosen to finish the series, and with the upcoming release of his next book, 'The Rithmatist' which is supposed to come out THIS YEAR; He will have published 3 of his own books for each WOT book he's published. That's 3:1 folks. Kinda shows where the Wheel of Time sits on his priority list.
  4. Not the F word you think, the one that ends in "t" and is a synonym for flatulence. Just want to start off by saying I don't think this is that big a deal. I'm not frothing with indignation here. I'm not whining about having my rights trampled or anything. I'm not crying 'Nazi'. I just think that it's more than a little silly. I made a post in the comments section of one of the news articles and it was deleted. Maybe the mod that made this decision can give me a brief explanation, and tell me what rule I broke. Or not. Whatever.
  5. lex

    London Signing Report

    Dear starry-eyed fanboy wearing rose-colored glasses #2 (Karaethon), You know what would benefit the Wot? WRITING THE DAMN THING. Instead he writes tweets, blog posts, and signatures at book tours. Now he’s on another damn book tour till August. And he’s gonna re-read the entire WoT series? AGAIN? At this pace, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if MoL was pushed back to 2013. Since Gathering Storm was released, counting his upcoming Mistborn book in November, he will have published 3 Sanderson novels to 1 WoT novel (ToM). The guy has his own projects to complete and promote and that’s all fine. But it’s time to get back to MoL now. Enough’s enough. That’s all I’m sayin’. Also, I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  6. lex

    London Signing Report

    Dear starry-eyed fanboy wearing rose-colored glasses #1 (jenniferl), A: 12% isn't all that encouraging. and B: I won't read the page you linked me to, but I gather from a glance that your general point is that I have entitlement issues. It's not an issue because all the time, money, and emotional investments I've made in this into these books I think entitles me to at least voice my mild displeasure in the comments section of a fansite. And I don't think my opinion on the matter is all that outrageous.
  7. lex

    London Signing Report

    When was the last time this guy did some ACTUAL WRITING?? He keeps a progress bar on his website and it's barely budged in a 6 months. He gets the notoriety for being the guy that is finishing the WOT, now he's too busy touring and promoting his own books to finish it. Feels like the final book is drifting further and further into the distant future. All starry-eyed fanboys wearing rose-colored glasses feel free to stoically jump to his defense now.
  8. Can you start a thread to discuss how much this forum sucks because we can't start new threads?
  9. There's a set of fanboys for whom WOT is the epitome of perfection. Anytime they see the slightest criticism, they're gonna have a hissy fit. That's just how it is, so I'm gonna try and ignore the blind adulation and try and get past BS bungling the Mat character again.
  10. I felt the same way. BS is again trying way too hard to make Mat 'funny'. So, you're telling me that Mat has the knowledge and memories of thousands of other men but he can't spell? Lame.
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