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Hi there,


I've been browsing the forum as a non-member for a while now, so it's about time introducing myself.


I'm a 29 years old, from Oslo, Norway. I first started reading WoT when I found a copy of "The Eye of the World" ("Flukten fra Emondsmark" and "Stormens øye" in Norwegian) in my local library. That must have been in the early 90ies. Pretty soon I switched over to English, which probably have helped improve my English skills considerably :) By now I've read the entire series several times, still enjoying (almost!) every single page!


So that was a brief introduction of myself! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute on this forum, at least I'll do my best :)

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Thank you guys.


On the negative side I tend to find everything that has to do with hair brushing and tea drinking quite uninteresting.


But on the other side.... I do understand that hair brushing is an important part of everyday life ;)

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