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What book ajah would you join? ~ Quiz

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To those of you who followed us from the Faire, Welcome to the White Tower Social Group!


To those who are already here, go see what else is going on at the Faire! :biggrin:



The quiz section of the Aes Sedai faire has been completed, but on command from Mother we will continue the celibrations here!


Feel free to try our quiz and post your results! I dare you too. :wink:



This quiz is humorous, as you will see, but it does not reflect the views of the WT Social Group. Each Ajah is different from each other and from those Ajahs of the books. Trust me, I love men :cool:, there is no way I would be a DM Red if they followed the books.


So, enjoy our quiz, post your results, and feel free to ask any questions, if not here, then my PM box is always open!


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This is what I got :)



You would join the Blue Ajah.


The Blue Ajah is involved with causes and will dedicate their lives for the cause if needed. The Blue Ajah has been charged with helping train and protect the Dragon Reborn

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