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[SG Faire: The KIN] Hobbies in Jordan-Land


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Hello and welcome to the Kin's celebration of... HOBBIES! In this thread, we'll explore some hobbies that people in Jordan's world do. Yes, this means crafty stuff we do today! The Kin is a place where we have a lot of fun creating things and mailing them to each other, so we thought we'd give you a taste of that here (and save you some postage!). During the course of the Faire, we will be showcasing our talents, sharing some of our favorite projects and even giving you a chance to show off how awesome you are at your awesome projects! We're very laid back, so feel free to chat and talk about some of the things you enjoy doing in your free time!


Our schedule of events hosted by the Kin looks like this:


Week 1- bookmarks (paper, book thongs (beaded), ribbons, braided)

Week 2- friendship bracelets (the threaded ones... this week will be light because it's the last week of school for me and I'll prolly be scarce)

Week 3- Garden art (stepping stones, mosiacs)

Week 4- Baking and cooking- (June is candy month, so we'll focus on home made candy)- potato candy, chocolate buckeyes, smoothies, iced drinks)



I'll link the above to the post where that week's discussion starts for your easy reference! Enjoy your time in Kin-ville! :)

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WEEK 1: Bookmarks!


To begin our journey, I thought we'd kick off our celebration with something that's useful to us all: bookmarks. Face it, we're all here because of a book series, we're all most likely reading more than just these books, and between Brandon and RJ, keeping up with where you are in a book is essential to not hurling it across the room! This week, we're going to explore a few different types of bookmarks and I welcome you to share your own! Yes, that's means the sticky note you stole from your boss's desk last week and tucked into The Way of Kings on your way to lunch totally counts! ;)


My favorite type of bookmark is called a book thong. It doesn't break the binding on the books and yet, it holds your place just as nicely as a thicker paper bookmark. Even better, it mixes two of my favorite things together... books and beads!




Step 1- GO SHOPPING! Yeah, this is another favorite part of mine. Sue me! Drop by any place that sells beads (Walmart sells them, for heaven's sake, it's not like they're hard to find!) and pick out some that really match your personality. Generally, I use about 3 large beads and 5 smaller ones, but the combination is totally up to you! Make sure the holes in the center aren't tiny, as you'll need to get a rather thick thread through them. You'll want a few different sizes, but make sure they're not thin glass or light plastic. You want them to have some weight! While you're there, stop by the charms which are probably on the same isle and find some that aren't too big, but can add a little weight to your ends and keep their place in the book. Last, stop by the string, which is also usually on the same isle. I like the waxed jeweler's thread, just because the wax adds a layer that will keep the book from shredding the thread. Now? GO HOME and let's really get started!


Step 2- Lay your beads out and arrange them in a way that makes you happy. I usually try for 3 beads (2 small and 1 large) and a small charm on the top of the string and 5 beads (3 small and 2 large) with a larger weight on the bottom of the string. You don't want many more beads than that, as you'll use all of your string on the beads and not have any room for the book!


Step 3- Cut about 12"-18" of string.


Step 4- Start beading! I start with the heavy end, usually. Tie the charm on and double knot it. Then string your other beads on, threading the leftovers from your knots through the beads you're adding. When you're finished with the beads that go on the bottom of the thread, tie them off in a double knot. Get the knot as close to the top bead as you can so they don't move around too much. Now go ahead and thread the upper beads onto the string (but don't tie any knots, yet!). When you've got the beads for the top of the string on, tie on the charm. Double knot it so it stays on pretty snugly. Then move the beads for the upper end of the string down to the charm, again, making sure the thread goes through the holes in the beads you're moving. When you've got them in place, tie the last knot as close to the last bead as you can and double knot it.


THAT'S IT! You're done! When you put it in your book, make sure the heavier end is at the bottom and the lighter end is at the top. Also, make sure the beads are completely free of the pages or you'll mess up the corners of your book!


So, what does yours look like?

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i've never tried making theses, but i have seen the book thongs in the store while picking up new books. generally their in a jar right near the register.



i've thought about picking one up, but then i think back to my cat whose a book mark theif!! you knwo how paper book marks have those tassels on them, well Woody (my evil basement kitteh) will not stop stealing my book mark until all of the tassel is destroyed. so i'm afriad to get a book thong, cause while i'm at work or not reading he'd likely steal the thong from my book :laugh:




can you post pics of ones you've made Lor??

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this is not something i do in my free time, but i would bet people in the WOT would do it. it sounds creepier than it is, and it was very common in past centuries. and it would work for bookmarks, too.


um, so anyway, people used to make things out of human hair.


no, no, no, they didn't scalp people for it. well, maybe they did, but that's not what i'm talking about.


they would save their hair as it was combed or brushed out, and then braid or weave things from it. like rings (i think they would do this with dead people's hair for mourning, but again, not via scalping or deading the people, and also friendship rings, defninitely not via scalping), bracelets, necklaces, hair savers (things to keep the hair in before they did anything with it), and all sorts of decorative stuff. maybe lanyards.

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My favorite type of bookmark is called a book thong. It doesn't break the binding on the books and yet, it holds your place just as nicely as a thicker paper bookmark. Even better, it mixes two of my favorite things together... books and beads!


I truly was ready for a different answer here (see my location, hehe). But I like using these as well, as I hate the tendency for regular bookmarks to fall out. The string/bead combo totally works!

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*grins at Verby* it's wonderful when the name of a thing is almost as cool as the thing itself... ;) I think you're more likely to keep up with them, that way!


And I actually bought my first one, Red. I've had to restring it a couple of times, because I use it so much and my cat eyes every single one I use as if waiting on me not to be paying attention. I've learned to take the mark out and lay it on the table while I'm reading at home, or keep the beads in my hand while I'm holding the book. Doesn't stop his staring at it, though. lol



pics! I'm going to make one and illustrate each step this weekend, but here's one I made for my craft page when I was selling these at craft shows. I used a lot more beads and not so heavy charms, then, though:




I think I've seen a bookmark made that way, cindy. Victorian era and in a museum, if I'm not mistaken. I thought it was an interesting version! It was pretty thick, though, which my 21st century OCD self cringed about. I'm always curious about how the-geeks-that-came-before handled our modern issues. lol

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you know, i've got to go to a craft store here in the next few weeks, i've got to pick up supplys for my Care Bear themed quilt i'm designing, and i need a new Embrodiory Hoop from my cross stitching as the one i've had for 4 years now is on it's last leg :laugh:



so while i'm at Hobby Lobby, i'll have to look to see if they have any kits. maybe try making one for mysefl and one for the cat ... though knowing Woody, he'll drag his off, lose it then come back for mine.



my mom is really into making beaded jewlery ... maybe i should get her one of these kits and see if it peaks her interest. shes sold a bit of jewlery too, so i'm sure she could just add these to her inventory :happy:

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I'm going to Hobby Lobby later this week to get things to decorate my new office *grins*, so while I'm there, I will look for some stuff to make these! I've seen them, but never had one. It seems as if it would be easy to transport and such.

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Cindy, what i mean by Kit is that it not only gives you instructions or a pattern how to make one, but it also gives you the materials you'll need to make the specified Book Mark. same as Kit's they sell for Cross Stitch or quilts.

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Just for the record, I'm a Hobby Lobby addict and have never seen a kit for a bookmark like this. Not that they don't exist, Lord knows I'm not the expert there, but I've just never seen one.



The good news is that it's week 2! That means we're moving on to what is probably the biggest part of the Kin: FRIENDSHIP! Whether we're celebrating or ranting, we're usually supporting each other however we can. So, what better way to illustrate this than...



*enter drum roll*






Now, for those of us in our 30's, you probably remember these from middle school. They're becoming popular again (as is quite a bit of stuff from the 80's we prayed we'd never see again... *coughs*), so finding info about how to make them is easy-peasy! For those of you who are kit driven, I've seen these kits in the kids' crafts isles and they include everything you need to make a couple of different designs. :)


However, if you'd like to explore it on your own, check these out!


http://www.how-to-make-jewelry.com/friendship-bracelet-patterns.html <--- I like this one because it tells you straight up what level of difficulty the bracelet is, so you can attack what you're comfortable with!


http://www.how-to-make-jewelry.com/how-to-make-friendship-bracelets.html <--- This one's kinda handy, too, as it even has friendship necklaces on it that follow a different pattern AND it talks about using that plastic stuff the kids are so nuts about!


http://friendship-bracelets.net/ <--- And apparently even friendship bracelets have a mecca. LOL Really neato awesome site that even has options to generate your own designs for your bracelets so you can personalize them! WOW!



And you don't have to go all the way to a hobby store for the supplies, either! Walmart and even Dollar stores sell this stuff! Cheap, entertaining and wearable! It can't get much better than that, right?





Ok, well, you can put beads on them, too, which just adds to the awesomeness. I did mention I'm a bead addict, right? ;)






So, go on and give one a shot! Which one did you try? What trouble did you have? What awesomeness have you created?

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i remember these!!! barely, but i do remember them. i never made them personally, as i was too young.



if their makign a come back, i've got a 7 yr old God Daughter who would probably LOVE doing this with her step mom and me!!! thanks Lor, i'll have to pick up a few kits and see if i can get Abby into crafting. she likes to read, and do sand art; so this might just be right up her alley, and she's popular at school and these types of things are always great to give friends. i rememebr exchanging Gimp braids with my friends in elementary school *nods*





i think next time i go to walmart or a dollar store i'll pick one up!!

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YAY! :D I've tried making them a few times while I was in school and my biggest problem was pulling the strings too tight. It makes the bracelet curl, which drove me insane long before I ever finished the bracelet! :D

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Wow... so no one got creative with the floss last week? Closing up for the year got me a little more tired than I expected and my husband got a little crazy with the cable, so I apologize for not getting back to you before now. I've been on my phone for net updates for the last few days. I think I have scars from it... ;)



So, let's start Garden Art, then!


Here are a few videos for how-to's:





And here's a FAQ page about using mosiacs to decorate surfaces:





You can also do some non-mosiac stepping stones pretty easily. I've done this version before:


Step 1- gather beads or whatever else you want to decorate your stepping stone with.

Step 2- mix a simple concrete mix (when you hit the home improvement places for the mix, make sure you're getting the stuff that doesn't have stones in it! You want smooth, pure concrete mix). To do this, follow the directions on the bag. Unless you're making a TON of them, you probably won't need the whole bag of mix!

Step 3- lay out the design for your stepping stone in the bottom of an aluminum cake pan (the cheap kind you can throw away when you're done!). My advice is to use decorations that are a little weighty (ie, rocks and stones instead of plastic beads) so they won't move on step 4....

Step 4- pour in your concrete mixture. My advice here... use a large serving sized spoon or dipper to move the concrete into the pan so you have better control over what is getting pushed around in the pan. If you pour it in like cake batter, things are going to move and you can't stop them!.

Step 5- Let it set overnight. You want the concrete to set completely before you try to get the stone out, so give it as much time as you can to make sure it's done! Keep it out of the rain, dew, etc to help this process!

Step 6- flip it over and pull the pan away. It's ok if the pan is a little misshapen, because you spent... what, fifty cents on it? Recycle it, baby!

Step 7- Seal and/or display... I've read varying debates on whether to seal it or not. I always seal mine, because they'll pick apart if you don't. I use a poly to cover it by painting it on and leaving it overnight again. If you want to paint it, acrylics work well and you'll definitely want to seal it or the weathering will take the paint right off after a few months.




I just did a cute stone with my daughter that used plaster, instead of cement. I've been digging on the net for a bit and I can't find that kit, but I've seen it in a few different places around town. I did find quite a few other kits that were very similar and since it's summer in the states, finding them should be pretty easy near you (and if you're not in the states, I bet they're on clearance where you are! :) ).



Anyone wanna give it a shot? Your kids will love this!

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