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What kind of survey would you prefer to run?  

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  1. 1. What kind of survey would you prefer to run?

    • That one Empy is harping about with Strongly Agree and all that Jazz
    • Another multiple choice type survey
    • Open ended Survey where everyone writes in their comments
    • I don't care
    • Another option I am going to respond to this thread with

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err...actually guys, there are lots of reasons why tabac from the two rivers tastes better than tabac from anywhere else. The two rivers may have more fertile ground, different acidity level, weather conditions,etc. which would cause it to grow better. Unless, of course, your are suggesting that they use genetic engineering to make it more addictive.


Well, tabac may be unhealthy, but I do not think it is a drug. There is a fine line between enjoyable and addictive. I would not say that tabac chemically spurs the brain or gives you particular highs. But then again, it depends on your definition of "drug". I mean, I for one, consider forkroot a drug, though it is nothing at all like ectasy, yet it does unnatural things to one's natural biology.


Sorry if my explanations were'nt gd. Not very great when it comes to science.

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Well, tobacco is considered A Drug.

Nicotin is also a mind altering chemical. ITs nothing compared to meth, marijuane, crack, whatever.. But its still adictive.

And ask any 2 pack a day smoker, don't let them smoke for a week, then give them a cig. They'll say its better then sex.

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hell yeah tobacco is a drug! i'm a pack-a-day smoker and if i don't get enough i can barely walk and talk at the same time. I'll feel so freakin messed and jittery without it that when my teacher asked me what "des stereotypes et de la realite" is, i actually jumped out my seat, stared at him for 10 seconds then ran out the classroom. The messed up effects is not when you're having a cig, its when you're NOT having one.


I think Min's point is great,all the people of randland are probably imagining all this crap...again that affirms my point that Tabac is actaully weed.


'Stomping out his joint, Rand bent to pick up Callandor "oooOo, this glowstick is real sharp, wonder where i should stick it?" "Rand have you been fixing up again?" said the disembodied, fuzziness of Min's lower body. "hell no, you think i would do that just before i travel to Shayol Ghul to whollop the DO's slimyblackass?". "well...okay, if you say so". *travel's to the pit of doom, Shai'tan is having a nice soak in the lava, Rand throws him a bathrobe. "get up you slimy b*tch, i don't want to kill you when you're naked and you're so freakin hairy". "ah, the dragon reborn, how nice of you to drop by, i was just-" "shut the f**k up! i'm gonna stick this up-" *trips on his own ankle, sits down on callandor, it sticks through his asss "ah crap". "HAHAHA! you retard! is that what you ppl call 'sheathing the sword'? now i'ma kill you with my super-darkness-3000yrold-badbreath, errr what the-" *Bela appears, takes callandor out of Rand's arse, drives it through the DO's brain and farts in his face at the same time. "oh, thanks Bela, that was a pretty 'tight' situation". "no prob bro, i was just out smoking your dad's tabac when i realized the DO stole my bong"

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*takes a bow*

thank you madamoiselle, i am glad someone liked it. I'll consider writing a substory of the WoT which shall be aptly named the Weed of Time series. Featuring all the chars (whom will be much awesomer), more hot ladies and hunks than a miami club where 50 cent gives private gigs and of course a lot of arse kicking action and drugs.


i really would enjoy writing it but i'm in my last yr of high school and theres so much freakin work!

wouldn't it be so cool to see the WoT world through the eyes of a stoner mat!? haha! "Oooo purdy lil midget, er, i mean Tuon! my lovely wife...you look...smaller than usual.."

*slapslap double slap, roundhouse kick, japanese chopstick acupuncture, elbow in the stomach, upercut to the chin, knee to the groin...and so on*

I still think Rand should be the biggest stoner though, i mean hes seeing double! even i don't! and...hes hearing voices, laughing to himself, vomitting all over the place...messed.

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