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  1. Ok...I skipped past a multitude of replies, quotes, theories, etc, so forgive me if I missed something. Definetly not the first hypothesis-thread I've seen, and probably not the last. What you must realise, Random, is that your theory is inherently flawed due to lack of substantiating evidence. Loose plotlines haven't been dealt with, your scenarios are cliched, prophecies lay forgotten. If you feel up to it, go write a fanfic about it, but people here don't tend to favour highly improbable theorems. That said, though, it was extremely distasteful for those who chose to instantly clamp down on his creative freedom. Now, this thread seems to have diverted to a balance between the Creator and DO. Somehow even religion got tied into this. One thing: Is the Creator a good guy? Perhaps I missed it, but never in the books is the Creator clearly against evil. Not in all religions is the creator of the universe a person who supports humanity, or even cares about them. You may want to read about Pantheism, Deism, Nontheism and the like. RJ may or may not not have based WoT on our world's religious structures, but these are alternatives to the Good vs Evil = Creator vs Destroyer.
  2. Very true, DuDZiK, and I share your frustration towards the utter retardation of the characters. However, I forgive some points in the series, such as racism and misinterpretation of customs. Such things, although overtly frequent in WoT, do happen in real life, so...fine. One thing I do get annoyed about in WoT, is effectively your point on characterisation. From both a leisurely as well as literary perspective, this aspect has caused WoT to suffer greatly in my eyes. For one, as you've said, they don't change. Faile still complains about Perrin's compassion, he still doesn't get it. Perhaps I'm being sexist, but characters such as Egwene and Elayne deserve to be smacked again and again and again. Were they in the shoes of the ta'veren, they'd be dead, humiliated, captured, or all of the above. Before I begin to rant, I shall move to your point of ever-present conflicts; the Alpha-problem. Yes, aevogt, your point bears much merit, but there are 2 problems. Firstly, the fact that stubborness does not make one influential. Secondly, the number of alpha dogs. I believe that it's perfectly fine for an author to focus on the influential ones. But he seems to unfairly tie influence with stubborness, that only those so stuck-up and moronic will ever be great. Now, the number of alpha dogs. Annoying. Read Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Terry Goodkind, George R.R. Martins, you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about. It is possible to have a few alpha dogs who don't always steer the story, coming in and out of the central theme. It is also possible to have cooperative alpha dogs (Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli), who don't spark conflict with every other chapter. No such thing in WoT, which, instead of making it interesting, makes it irritating to my mind. I'd like to add that, despite all this, WoT is still a brilliant book. But all books have flaws, and characterisation is the major one, I feel.
  3. Rand cannot be ordered around, whether by Cadsuane or his harem or anyone else. In some way, I loathe him for that. A man who gets ordered around, realises that he is in the wrong, yet does his duty with equal diligence and dignity, that's good. Rand's stubborn, yet gets deceived into playing right into the Aes Sedai's hands. That's why I find him weak. We've already heard the millions of valid excuses why Rand's such a wreck; his age, his (bleedy annoying) harem, Lews Therin in his head, etc. All true, all correct, but it doesn't change the fact that Rand can sometimes be an immature, selfish, thoughtless, reckless, wuss. I believe that everyone, whether you count it against him or not, has seen that at some point or other. Yet, as previous posters have stated, it makes life interesting. Perhaps Rand's going through some metamophosis. Perhaps he's not meant to survive TG. Perhaps he's not expected to fight. Whatever it is, I pity the feeble pawn he's become. I suppose being the Dragon Reborn, co-existing with Aes Sedai everyday, chatting with a madman, getting swarmed by feminists, etc...yeah, it gets to you eventually.
  4. Agree with Ozzie, though I'd replace Min with Tuon when it comes to those who aren't twits. Well, I can normally be quite the MCP but I shall attempt to be as impartial as possible here. I believe the Male-Female conflict we see is the cause of many many factors, and I'll list just a few I think are most large-scale. Firstly, we must realise that in WoT, the characters we whom we tend to see the most of are resilient, stuck-up, arrogant, assertive and stubborn, whether from the beginning (Nynaeve, Lan) or across the series (Rand, Egwene, Min). Somehow, RJ had some fetish for putting these perfectly normal personalities in a most conflicting way. Perrin, for example, the meek one so kind and compassionate yet protective of his pack. Faile's feisty, likes to take control, and views Perrin's tenderness as insult. Toss in Berelain and our favourite prophet, and you get one big mess. Another issue is the WoT lore. On Earth, male sovereignty began due to physical strength, though there were exceptions to this rule. In WoT, no such thing developed, and perhaps due to Aes Sedai, village healers, women councils or whatever, women decided to take charge. It works, yet when differing cultures are placed together, sometimes the balance between man and woman goes awry. Lastly is the simple fact that our characters' lives are messed up. I mean, not all male-female relationships in WoT can be as messed up as Rand and his harem, otherwise we'll have a far different socio-political landscape. Rand, Mat and Perrin, three perfectly normal village-boys attached to princesses, Aiel, the WoT equivalent of a seer...I've read romance flicks with less complicated love lives. Ok, now to add my personal opinion on the women. And the men. But before I begin perhaps I'd like to add that a lot of this is my own view. I sometimes don't like people who are weak, humble, dogmatic, etc, and if you think differently, I'll respect that. Cadsuane: I detest her. I can see where her admirers are coming from, in some strange, convoluted way. She's strong, fearless, composed and sensible, but I think her view of everything is just messed up. How she seeks to condition Rand as if he were some cake which needs a pinch of care, a teaspoon of love, a cup of endurance, bake under training for one hour...Oh and it doesn't help that she's one arrogant twit that needs a spanking more severe than Rand. Egwene: I tread dangerous ground with this character. Originally, I thought she was a strong-willed, determined heroine. That lasted for the first 3 books. After that it was a slippery slope into arrogance and blindless, perhaps due to extensive confinement with Nynaeve, Aiel, Aes Sedai and the like. She's not so bad at the end of it, but perhaps because of how she made so great a fall in my eyes, she's lowest ranked. I can forgive some mistakes due to her youth and history with Rand, but she somehow garnered all the feminism of WoT in one person. Lan: At first, cool, awesome warder. As he gradually became a slave to Nynaeve after being Moirane's footman, I just got disgusted. Just another twit who's proved that the Aes Sedai aren't so wrong in confining men to a lower tier. Tuon: Till now, I can't decide whether she's impressive or spoilt. Sometimes she can be dead annoying, sometimes the very thing which makes Mat chapters my favourites. Whatever it is, perhaps my favourite woman in the series, perhaps just because she so easily flips between frustrating and great. Mat+Perrin+Rand: Ok, they're 3 different characters, but I have a general emotion towards them. Sympathy. They're being tossed into a foreign world with foreign cultures and abilities. Saidin, Lycanthropy, Flashbacks...all really neat, but result in detrimental side-effects as well. Could I say the same for, say, Egwene? Same background, same scenario, in terms of having new powers, but hers tend to be intentionally grown, and accepted by community. Dream-walking, Saidar...they're both admired by society at large, and unlike the 3 ta'veren, she has the (mis)guidance of the Aiel and Aes Sedai. Some mistakes by the 3 guys are unforgivable, but I'd hate to be in their shoes more than any other. Well, I could say more, but I'm probably boring everyone to death, so I shall stop.
  5. Firstly, Tam hasn't been in much of the series, and most of it, except in the first book, was in assistance of Perrin. As such, he would probably not play a major role in Rand's or Mat's military. It could be simply due to him not wanting to force himself to be so committed or perhaps that it would be seen as biasness on Mat or Rand's part. However, being Rand's sort of foster father, Tam has close ties with him. Tam would probably be shocked by the Rand's change in attitude, but would probably be used willingly or unwillingly by Cadsuane for Rand's emotional freedom. Lastly, Rand returning to the Two Rivers is unlikely. In his mind, Perrin has already gone to the Two Rivers, and that would be safer for his hometown than if he would go personally. Besides, if he really wanted to go, he could have gone earlier, but now he has much to do regarding preparation for TG and has shown no sign of homesickness, if I remember correctly.
  6. Well, I'd love to be Mat, but heck, I'm not. Let's see... could someone pls suggest a character who loves war though never likes to really fight, never fully submits to ANY other person and hates annoying and whiny b:tches such as Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene. I am most probably like that character.
  7. Actually, dimmu, if the DO dies, it would be contradictory to the series. I believe that it is known as "Wheel of Time" for a reason. And besides that, let us not forget the beginning of each book. "A wind...it was not the beginning, there are neither beginnings or endings in the wheel of time, but it was a beginning..." Sorry, dont have the books, but it was roughly like that. Now, if the DO dies, that would disrupt the Light vs Shadow theme of the series. Yes, an identical repetition of the AoL would be mundane, but a way to prevent or hamper the DO for the next few thousand years is likely.
  8. True, yet we can already see that the DO's strength is steadily rising. If all 7 seals are broken, I doubt even Mat, Perrin and Rand working together could do anything more than delay the DO. However, if they were replaced using a different style which would stop/paralyze the DO for many more years to come, that too would be effective. Another observation I have made is that although TG would be a battle of Light vs the Shadow, Rand's preparations have been focusing mostly on the battle itself. Although the outcome of the fight is no doubt important, Rand has not really prepared himself for what he must do to defeat the DO, focusing instead on musteringof troops, politics and truces with various nations. As a result, I doubt it would be a face to face encounter between Rand and the DO with cataclysmic action, for RJ would surely have noted it. I believe most of the before-hand work would be done by Egwene, Nynaeve, Verin, etc, with Rand finishing it with the help of the Choedan Kal. By before-hand work, I mean like forming cuendillar, getting the necessary tools, fetching the horn of valere, so on.
  9. Just asking, but are we sure the he was reborn? In mean, there's always the chance that he was killed by one of the forsaken or Slayer. I can't thing how he'll help the world as a 1 year-old child at TG, unless he's useful after it, which won't really suit a hero of the horn.
  10. n00l3y


    err...actually guys, there are lots of reasons why tabac from the two rivers tastes better than tabac from anywhere else. The two rivers may have more fertile ground, different acidity level, weather conditions,etc. which would cause it to grow better. Unless, of course, your are suggesting that they use genetic engineering to make it more addictive. Well, tabac may be unhealthy, but I do not think it is a drug. There is a fine line between enjoyable and addictive. I would not say that tabac chemically spurs the brain or gives you particular highs. But then again, it depends on your definition of "drug". I mean, I for one, consider forkroot a drug, though it is nothing at all like ectasy, yet it does unnatural things to one's natural biology. Sorry if my explanations were'nt gd. Not very great when it comes to science.
  11. I suggest you read through the series again, if possible. I believe there was one occasion when Elayne met Galad as a whitecloak in an inn. I believe it was during that encounter that he informs her that he was promoted rather quickly to a rather high rank, I believe something like an officer by our standards. Then, in the prologue of KoD, I believe, they show the scene where Galad chops up Eamon Valda, earning him the title of Lord Captain Commander , i.e the Whitecloaks' general.
  12. To me, that part seems quite simple. Egwewne becomes the Amyrlin and gets the WT in order. Verin either asks her for permission to take it to Mat, or, if she is early enough, sneaks it right under Elaida's nose. By the time Mat rescues Moirane from Finnland, Verin should be ready to give the horn to him.
  13. Besides, what purpose would Perrin being more important than Mat bring about? Like the Egwene/Elayne comparison earlier on. Perhaps Egwene or Elayne is an ounce stronger in the power than the other (and this is something very hard to measure). It hardly matters. They have different roles and they never "compete" per say, in the power. So, Perrin may have more "ta'verenism" than Mat. It doesn't matter. They have different objectives and ta'veren are ta'veren. And another thing. When Moirane first met them, I don't think she could tell at first that Rand was the Dragon Reborn. Since we know that Rand is definitely a stronger ta'veren than the other two, it shows that the difference is not marginal. Last of all, if RJ were to suddenly bring this up in AMOL, it would only create another sub-plot that would have to be resolved in that same book. All in all, I agree with Sin's reasoning.
  14. Nicely put, Xeonicus. Anyway, I don't think Rand, Perrin or Mat will try to get together. Come on, three ta'veren within such close proximity will force them to meet somehow. Besides, TG will get them together, they may need to get together before that, but they currently have more important things to do than chit chat, or let their wives talk about them behind their backs. Another thing we must consider is that those guys don't know how much time they have left. They know that TG is coming soon, but they do not know that it is in one book's time. They may think they may have a few more books' time before they need to get together, so they won't be in any rush to meet.
  15. yeah, and besides, if saidin WASN'T cleansed, where would that lead to? Just another breaking. And no matter how much time is represented as a wheel in a series, I doubt the exact same thing would happen in two consecutive ages.
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