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Greetings, all!


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Hello, everyone! I'm actually a longtime member, returning after I don't even know how many years. I don't remember my old login information at all, or which old email address I used on here, so it looks like it's a fresh start for me. Which I'm perfectly happy with, to be perfectly honest.


Anyways, I'm KChan, a fan of Wheel of Time since high school, an aspiring fantasy writer, and also one of the admins over at 17th Shard. I've missed this place, and since my two favorite fandoms now have a very strong connection, I figured I'd try to come back on and get to know the DM community again. It's nice to meet you all!

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Thank you very much! I'm also glad to hear of your potential interest in 17S. :wink: I'm curious about these social groups I see in your sig, and also the writers guild I saw mentioned. Where can I find more information on these?

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Welcome back KChan!! DM probably looks a lot different in this incarnation hey? LOL


The Social Groups are just that, groups to socialise in. Each one has a different theme or feel to it. Read the descriptions and check out the About Us threads in the boards and join as many as you like. Some people are in lots of SGs, others in only one. Personally i frequent only the White Tower & Warders SG and the Shayol Ghul SG. That's about all i can keep up with since i am active on the RP side of DM as well. :)


The Artists, Crafters and Writers guild (ACW) is listed on the main boards as well, drop on in and i'm sure you will find everyone there most helpful.


If you have any questions or dramas you can PM me or just post here.



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Welcome back!

Now I think I might have to check out the 17th Shard then, if it is about WoK.

Great book.


Anyway yeah Ama pretty much summed it up for Social Groups.

I'm a Storm Leader in the Black Tower, where I'm most active, but am also a member in a couple more Social Groups as well.

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