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so um...I think I got Tasty of the Constant on the Rocks....but that doesn't really sound like a band name so maybe I'm missing something or maybe younguns these days have really different band names...

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Velvety Brigade of Darkness





Velvet Brigade for short? ;)


Other options:

Shredding Bond United *smirks*

Shimmering Bond People


Here's another generator, just for the heck of it.



Kin Shampoo

Kin Serpent

Revolving Kin

Imaginary Kin And The Lovelorn Chigger

Kin Sorcerer

Under Kin

Kin Combat

Kin Of Immature

Confessional Kin

Upon Kin



Kin Combat... *laughs and waves her knitting needles around*

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Bad Schwarma


And that name generator might be the worst in the history of name generators. "Shredding Shadows of the Sun"? Really?? If I were ever in a band with that name, I'd have to beat myself up.


Then again, the new disney band is called "Lemonade Mouth", so I guess an "awful band name generator" makes some sense

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Haha - awesome thread, Lor.


Righteous Chorus Thrasher

Large Union Combatants

Righteous Kickflip Donkey



The first sucked.

The second already happens?

And the third shall be my band's name.

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lol, Kickflip Donkey, huh? Kinda does sound righteous. ;)



and the name makes sense if you watch the movie, Kiv, I promise. LOL Now that I have shared my absolute geekiness (I actually managed to catch it from the beginning the other night!) I shall retire with my "God, I hope it's not sprained" hand. *sighs*

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