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New to Dragonmount


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New to Dragonmount, not sure how active I'll be but I've enjoyed the podcasts recently so I thought I'd check out the forums and see what goes on around here between books and such.


I've been a WOT fanatic for quite awhile, I've come to Dragonmount for news, but never really checked out the community until now.


I've read all the books, and even played the Tarmon Gaidon MUD for years just to keep the immersion going. Though it's still going, I have not played for years. I miss the community/discussion that happened there when new books came out, so hopefully Dragonmount can fill a void. I don't have enough close friends who are caught up on all the books.


And I subscribe to the Theorycraft Mazrim Taim theory of him as a 2nd ager. Though i'm less sure about the stasis box.

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Guest Czechs In The M'Hael



I have just registered too.


I agree about Taim being the bestestest, I think he is the key to the Last Battle in some way. I think he has something to contribute in the Fisher King type subplot thingy.


Let us hope they share their water and shade here :biggrin:

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Bah, another one enamoured with the lesser children.


Serve the Chosen and you shall be rewarded greatly!


Anyway, enjoy your stay here at Dragonmount, most people will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and we would love to hear your opinions on the series and the characters. Looney theroies are always good.

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