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Hello all


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Hello to all Dragonmount users. I'm here to customary introduce myself.

I read Wot since 2000. A lost friend introduced it to me and since I'm trapped in it ... to my most inner shame (I'm alone in my circle of friends to read it).


I'm a big leecher since it's approximately 10 years I read various board (ex-wotmania, theoryland, dragonmount and all the others ... especially fanart all over the net).

I've never dared to create an account here (I'm french and my english shall somewhat be weird , sorry for my future posts).


Actually I was browsing various pages on the net and (with google's doodle help) I landed on this page : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundae.

The sundae is from the Two Rivers ... oO !!!


I never thought I could see the "Two Rivers" in an article non-wot-related !


So ... I hope this won't be my only post on Dragonmount.


(to say a thing about the prologue of ToM ... the Dark Prophecy at the end is exactly what one of the last poster said : it's what could have happened in the book if Perrin didn't accept his "wolf-side").


See you soon (?).

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Welcome! I'm glad you finally made an account, there is a lot of awesome stuff here, as well as awesome people.

I've found there is actually a surprising amount of articles like that one on the net if you look. It's pretty sweet.

Oh and if you are looking to have some fun, I here the Black Tower is pretty awesome. ;)

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oh and btw, nm the fact english not your first language, there are many of us here (so they goten used too it), its a very international page, through and through really on all levels and in all groups.

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