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Rand's True Power Use

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First, the reason Shaidar Haran's presence can prevent the Forsaken from even sensing the OP is that he is a living embodiment of the DO. Being that Lews Therin cries "It's Him. Better to have died than reached out to Him" when Rand uses the TP I think that the TP is actually a person reaching out physically to the DO not just using a power source that emanates from him. Anyway, the reason that I think this is important is because SH can make the Forsaken unable to even sense the OP and the only thing that they all have in common is that they are the only one's who have used the TP. I'm afraid that this will be the terrible consequence of Rand's TP use that Brandon warned of. I think Rand will be cut off from the Source when SH surprises him at the LB. Sorry for rambling, but there's my pet theory.

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BS explained in interviews that SH has special power over those who have sworn to the DO not those who used TP.


Q: You mention that Shaidar Haran has quite a few limitations on his power. Can you give us a few concrete examples of these limitations?

A: Shaidar Haran needs a minion to do most of his work for him. Elza was essential to Shaidar Haran in getting things done.


This lead to lots of discussion about swearing to the Shadow – basically, it’s a very bad idea and you forfeit some very basic protections when you do. Shaidar Haran has special power over those that swear to the Dark One, and the Forsaken in particular. I asked about Alviarin’s special mark, and he said Shaidar Haran has similar power over her. The implication is that there are lots of ramifications for swearing to the Dark One. Brandon mentioned that this makes Verin all the more remarkable.


In particular, he has powers over Alviarin who never used TP. Rand never swore to the DO so SH should have no powers over him.

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Does the Moridin-Rand link make a difference? It may give SH a sort of "remote-control" with Rand being blocked if SH cuts off Moridin.

that's an interesting idea but I don't think the link makes a difference in this either. SH and the DO surely know about the link at this point and yet SH never tried to control Rand directly himself. Moreover, BS said that would not be able to do it.


The Gathering Storm Book Tour, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington, KY 10 November 2009 - Stormleader Team reporting


Brandon hinted at some severe limitations on Shaidar Haran to affect the physical world. He says that a lot of actions that people assume to be those of Shaidar Haran in the book in one particular scene were physically carried out by Elza. He further indicated that Shadar Haran would have been incapable of physically placing the collar himself.

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