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  1. I have 11 tattoos but no WOT yet. I've been planning to get the Aiel Vow in full down my left side for years. I'm running my first marathon in December and plan to get that done after the race. Also, about HepC in US facilities. It varies from state to state but most states that license facilities require the artist to put the ink in a seperate container and then use a fresh needle each time and to throw away the unused ink after each tattoo. If your artist does not do this then find one that does.
  2. I say Eggers and Alanna. I can't Gwenevere trying to gentle Rand, but she'll do something.
  3. Agreed. This passage is a candidate for Jordan's best writing in the series, and the simplicity of the conclusion -- "We come" -- is just perfect. I know. I reread this passage about ten times the first time I read it. MY personal all-time favorite was Lews Therin after Rand escaped the box in LOC "They will pay. I am the Lord of the Morning." 9 years of rereading this series and that line still makes the hair on my arms stand up.
  4. I've though since the Cleansing of the Source that Rand would somehow trap Fain and the DO together. The evil of Shadar Logoth and the Taint on saidin destroyed each at SL. So wouldn't sealing Fain and the knife into the bore somehow do the same?
  5. Rand Verin and Tarna are great. All for completely different reasons. Let's not forget Moiraine either. Captured and tortured by the Finns for at least a year. Ugh.. I recently rewatched the Trigun series and all I could think of when watching Vash was Rand's character. Imagine being the only one could save the world and at the same time tortured by the memory of the times you failed to do so.
  6. First, the reason Shaidar Haran's presence can prevent the Forsaken from even sensing the OP is that he is a living embodiment of the DO. Being that Lews Therin cries "It's Him. Better to have died than reached out to Him" when Rand uses the TP I think that the TP is actually a person reaching out physically to the DO not just using a power source that emanates from him. Anyway, the reason that I think this is important is because SH can make the Forsaken unable to even sense the OP and the only thing that they all have in common is that they are the only one's who have used the TP. I'm afraid that this will be the terrible consequence of Rand's TP use that Brandon warned of. I think Rand will be cut off from the Source when SH surprises him at the LB. Sorry for rambling, but there's my pet theory.
  7. Question number one is from LOC. How did Rand Travel from Illian to Shadar Logoth? He didn't know the area. Does reading the residues of weaves allow channelers to get around this loophole? Question two is from ToM. How did the gholam survive going through the skimming gateway? I thought Shadowspawn would die instantly by going through a gateway.
  8. "The others fought to live. The Asha'man fought to die. That's how Rand feels.."
  9. Since the Dreamspike prevents Travelling without permission, and since Moridin appears to be the one who can give that permission, I have to wonder if Rand can control it himself since he and Moridin are becoming the same person. Also, does anyone else picture Neo getting taken over by Agent Smith and then destroying him from the inside when they picture Randidin? Which could either kill or severely wound the DO if Ishidin is holding the TP eg. the DO...
  10. On the Red Veiled Aiel: I've wondered for years what the what actually happens with the male channelers who go to kill the Dark One but I just figured it was too long a shot for them to end up turned by a 13X13. On the Legion of the Dragon: Taim was largely in charge of their recruiting (he even suggests that Rand recruit his own army in LOC), seems to me like that there is a real possiblity of the Legion being a Legion of DFs trained by Mat and Bashere on accident. 100,000 or so DFs close to Camelyn as the Trollocs invade sure seems like shit is about to get real. I've always suspected that they are DFs, I guess we'll find out soon. I dunno, it just seems like the DO has too many aces in the hole, and Rand doesn't actually seem to have a plan about what to do. It seems plausible that the Light might not win. On a side note though, I can't wait to see Moiraine pull off her own personal Gandalf ressurection.
  11. Did you read the prologue? Yeah, I did. It was Arangar and Delana? Ugh....
  12. Ok, I've gotta ask what was Leigh Butler's "It's getting all Barry White up in here but funny" moment? Any ideas?
  13. I know it's a long shot, but I'm calling the unnoticed thing as the Tinker wagon because it's bugged me for five years when I started thinking about it during a reread that there must have been a reason for that. Something to do with the Dragon singing to the land, like maybe those Tinkers found the Song or the Way to the Song. Which I still think will be integral to the Light's victory at TG. After all "Let the Prince of the Dawn SING to the land again..." I know that all three taver'en are holding back the DO's touch, but I think that a full scale Singing is needed, which is why I also think that the clean pool of Saidin was left with the Green Man to be guarded. Tis a long shot I know, but it's my theory. I'm new to actively participating in the boards but I've been in Luckers' camp as far as his theories go for years, but I'm striking out on my own with this one.
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1BlDzpVYVvv3zi-EucPwgtIzAjSw1Al-Q6OAl9gXxxsw&pli= I didn't transcribe this but here's the link. Thanks to whoever did it. I got the link from Read and Find Out.
  15. I didn't see Graendal surviving mostly because it's a bit cliched. The unkillable villian that Rand thinks that he has killed already eg. every Forsaken that didn't die by balefire and Ishy surviving the first two encounters even though Rand clearly believes that he has killed him. It's been done enough and I didn't see it coming. It's too played out. I did however call the Light Aura/Warp in the Air around Rand. The pattern has to fix itself just to survive at this point and as Moraine says more than once a taveren as strong as Rand can and will be the focus of the entire patttern as it attempts to reassert it's reality.
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