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  1. @Agitel Why did you respond to me with such a strong tone?! You appear very annoyed! It's a funny mistake made in almost all previous posts with the maths! I'm laughing with no malice, it's just funny is all, relax. Re previous post well done for getting good maths on the go, i think you are about right.
  2. ....ie the WT is clearly taller than 600 feet. Anything less than 700 is too short unless I'm mistaken and actually this is a school for ants.
  3. This is pretty funny reading! A ceiling height of ten feet???? That made me laugh! In the Wt? A place Ogier built - you seriously think they made it so they couldn't wear a hat or walk through a door? Lol! Also this notion that floors and ceilings have no height, ie, 600/12 = 50 floors? Yes, in a building with rice paper for floorboards! What about rooms like where Rand talks to Eggy, everyone cramped into this ten foot tall room to watch the Dragon Reborn.... Very impressive scene that would be in this pokey ten foot tall room! No no no no no, you are all imagining it totally wrong! In the AOL the things the built were all average, the people were average, all load baring weights were conventional and average........ No no no!!! These people had flying machines so you didnt have to walk thousands of steps for crying out loud! Honestly, not even one of you guys imagined the room all the ajahs sit in and vote is taller than 10 feet?? Or that the library would have tall shelves? This is a building which requires no ladders? Crazy...!!
  4. Ach I don't agree with the sentiment that the book needs more time so to speak it's simply going to be Tor and the editing team being slow and Brandon twiddling his thumbs as he waits about. He'll be feeling like his productivity has taken a massive hit. I'm a little surprised that they're not saying the editing time will be reduced given Brandon will be doing a second draft, as he is actually a fast worker. Tor needs to work a bit smarter like digital editing to get it done quicker. Collaborative documents etc. If im not mistaken RJ was not a digital man, Brandon is, therefore needs less time.
  5. I think I'll ask Brandon what he thinks on the signing tour because I don't think anyone has put forward the right argument about racism in WoT.
  6. Slightly off topic, depending on how you look at it, but what will the q&a events at these signing tour evenings be like? If I've not read his other series will it be a confusing night? Im guessing that people who go only interested in WOT, warbreaker and twok will be spoiling the party for all the alloy fans?
  7. Not for me! Olver falling to his death, yes.
  8. The myth of the greens being anything other than strumpets for warders was busted wide open a while ago now.
  9. It wasn't a six month turn around the last two books and I can't see this being different. This is not a new series, 99% of people buying the hard back book will have read all the others and have been waiting for years - waiting tip Xmas 2012 is mad.
  10. The world was broken by mad men ripping it apart, wars lasting years and years, the population of the world shrunk a whole lot and nations were consumed by time and war and mad power and things like the CK in the wrong hands. So no, there won't be any terraforming. By the by LTT didn't contribute an awful lot to the breaking, as I understand it most of the actual breaking occurred in the few hundred years following the 2nd age last battle, ie, the first few hundred years of the third age and not actually the second age at all.
  11. Well put and I think you're right and a lot of people think like that. I have to say I honestly don't though it's just the blaming BS for editor's mistakes that get my goat. Also the team of proof readers don't seem to notice any typos...
  12. @crusador12 I like it I do but that has got to be the biggest anti climax since the BUT so fingers crossed it is absolutely nothing like that at all!!!
  13. British accents - this term is like when Americans say that they're going on holiday in Europe - it is like saying "I'm going on holiday to a continent but I'm not going to tell you which of the dozens of countries im going to because neither of us have ever looked at a map before." I realise that we make ludicrous mistakes here about America, for instance, Ive been calling it America this whole time but I mean that country that is in between Canadia and Mexico.
  14. Ha ha yeah well that comes over in the audiobooks a little. To me the accents that the audiobook people put on are hilarious, Kramer is better at them Imo. It's great/terrible/fantastic/awful all at once. Like Saidin before the cleansing. 'British' accents, however, is a funny American term. In the States the accent changes about two hundred miles past the state line. Here it's every 20 miles or less.
  15. I don't know if you agree or not. Your Terry Pratchet quote is great, by the way. To reitterate, racism is generally accepted in WoT as a sort of overblown patriotism or whatever. The truth is they're racist and that's ok. They don't subscribe to our stupid black / white / Asian type racism. Racism is a lot more than the colour of your skin. White people are perfectly capable of being racist to each other. Did you watch the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire where Chalky White is being racist to his daughter's boyfriend as he has white parents? Personally I sense Im taking this a bit too seriously but I think it is important that Martagnan understands what racism actually is because most racism is born out of ignorance not malice.
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