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The Women in WoT


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I am not condoning Tylin's behavior here, but we live in modern world with very different values than RJ or even the book's setting of medieval period. Sometimes we incorporate our idealistic views that clashes with the reality. A man raping a woman is different than a woman raping a man. A man's strength and weight can nullify most women's physical resistance. Even among athletic competitions we have different weight classes because the strength and weight play too much factor. This is why a man raping a woman is so heinous and should carry one of the hardest punishments.


Mat is one of the deadliest warriors in the book with the quickest hands. The man can literally snatch thrown knives out of the air. If Mat really decided to resist, he could have done it easily. He probably weighs between 190 to 210 lbs and Tylin from the description is like 110 to 130 lbs. He could have overpowered her any time. This is true in real life. It is nearly impossible for an adult female to physically restrain an healthy adult male for a physical relationship.


In addition, it's physically impossible to have a physical relationship with a dagger on someone's throat the whole time. He likes to initiate flirting and kisses because it is a game to him. He only likes it when he initiates it, but don't like it if a female initiates it. You will notice in the book that he likes little hugs and kisses, but never goes beyond that with most barmaids and girls. He likes the challenge of trying to be a lady's man than actually consummating relationships. His major complaint to Tylin was that she initiated rather than he did.


Until like 30 to 40 years ago, no country in the world ever considered that a woman can rape a man.

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On 8/23/2021 at 2:39 AM, jaimecito said:

Since I am progressive (ha)


wife - Mistress Anan. She just seems to have life figured out. Heckuva business owner. Heckuva secret keeper. Knows when self sacrifice has to come.


husband - Perrin - Strong, silent type with more going on that comes across the face. Wise. Slightly magical. Better leader than he knows. Good package 


On 4/2/2011 at 7:21 AM, Sertii said:

it might just be myself, but it seems to me that all the women, not just Aes Sedai, consider themselves somehow better and/or more inteligent than everyone else.

It's very much a female dominated world.   Imagine the power balance between the sexes waxes and wanes through the ages.  3000 years of women LITERALLY having ALL the Power (see what I did there ?) has led to an imbalance.   Ebour Dar, Far Madding, the Two Rivers, the Aiel, the Sea Folk,  Shara, Andor, the Seanchan, Saldaea, are ALL fairly female dominated cultures.    

This is very deliberate writing by the author.  Women are full of themselves, men cow tow.   Tar Valon IS shaped like a vagina, also deliberately by the Author.    That's on record too.  

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