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  1. It was BECAUSE of the Finns prediction that Mat took interest to begin. But by all accounts Tuon is extremely intelligent, tough as nails, completely unflappable, well educated, and many other things besides. All very interesting stuff. Also Mat may be a wild child, but he has a strong sense of integrity, he is not the kind of man to cheat on his wife. So once he knew that he was going to marry Tuon he would be proactively looking for things to admire about her as well. They are both extremely deadly in their own way, both strategic thinkers capable at playing the long game, both adaptable and pragmatic. Lots in common. 馃槈馃憤
  2. The word everyone is skirting here is "Galantry". Galantry is by nature sexist, because it involves one sex protecting, the other on principle. In fairy tales, Knights are always galant and chivalrous, and are considered noble for being so. RJ took this idea and used it as a tool to paint a picture of the men of Manetheren for the reader. According to Moiriane, it is a quality shared by the borderlanders, and we see this play out in Shienar during The Great Hunt with all that "swords in the women's quarters" fiasco. Galantry and stubbornness are both cultural predispositions that have been passed on to the communities of the Two Rivers, along with a bucket load of stubbornness. Add to that Rand's own biological heritage makes him stubborn as a mule. The Aiel are nothing if not stubborn AND his royal lineage. AND Rand is little more than boy, he is 18 in the Eye of the World and barely into his 20's when confronts the dark one. So, Rand stays true to what he was taught, which is to protect women at any cost, and when he can't, he blames himself. On some level he probably equates that value to holding onto something of himself in the midst of being the Dragon Reborn. Deep inside, Rand sees himself as Rand Al'thor, son of Tam and Kari Al'thor from the Two Rivers, and really struggles with being the Dragon Reborn as well. It's this very battle that literslly tears his mind in two and creates the LTT persona in his head, which doesn't really get reconciled until AMOL. So to say Rand is sexist is a gross over simplification. Rand has no trouble with women being powerful, or having authority. He just wants to save them all, and he erroneously thinks it's his fault if he can't.
  3. Yep Lanfear is a belt. Possibly with a matching purse and moon shaped buckle attached. Lanfear Vuitton if you will 馃槒 To quote Australian comedic song writer Rolf Harris "They Tanned her hide when she died, Clyde, And that's it hanging on the fence" 馃ぃ
  4. Marco Pierre White is the original founder of the White Tower. The White Tower is White because it was built from bricks of cocaine. Gitara Meroso, or "Get Her a Mamosa!" as her friends liked to call her, was just a coked out old bitty who liked to get spacey at royal parties and pretend to tell the future.
  5. There was no Trolloc attack on winter night. Mat spiked the punch with LSD then got so high that he forgot. Everyone freaked out and accidentally burnt down half the village. Rand isn't really the Dragon Reborn, so there was no need to leave the two Rivers after all. After conqueroring the world Rand eventually rocks up to Shayol Ghul and the Dark One and the forsaken are having retro 70's themed costume party. No one has any idea who Rand is. The Dark One mistakes Rand for a stripper, turns to the forsaken and says "Dammit I told Granny no red heads!!" END BOOK 1 BOOK 2 When translating the old tongue to the common tongue H and C are reversed. So book two is really called "The Great Cu.... *cough* *cough* Ahem. Ah, anyway Book 2 is about Graendal's exploits at the after party. EPILOGUE All of the Aes Sedai's greatest secrets are hidden in Verin's 13th Suppository. Her last words were "Now let that sink in." 馃ぃ
  6. I understand your enthusiasm... but which of these two looks more like Moiraine? I can only speak for myself of course, but Claire Foy, at 5ft 3inches with a trilling musical voice, a beautiful, mature yet youngish face and naturally brown hair wins hands down for me. Also her experience with the Crown shows us that Claire has a cold hard stare that speaks volumes without twitching a muscle.
  7. Once upon a time ... In an age long past and an Age yet to come, Robert Jordan blew a lot of wind that made it sound like Demandred and Mazrim Taim were secretly the same person. Then all the fan theories sprouted and Jordan seemed to change his mind. Since the series is set to streamline the WOT character line up, what are the odds this little chestnut will be a thing? I'd be ok with it, and it would make sense for the story and would be a nice way to pay homage to the long term WOT fanbase too imo What do you think? 馃
  8. Sort of. Aes Sedai works, their role in the world, peoples attitudes towards them, the fact that they are still just women even though they can channel, good and bad, kind and cruel IS all described the eye of the word. I suppose Rafe could have had Moiraine sit down and explain it all like in the books, but it's much more exciting to actually show it. And I agree with other peoples comments, showing Logain's capture on screen is (potentially) genius, and also entertaining as hell. Especially if his character is going to play a larger role in the series later on.
  9. Wouldn't it be BOSS if "the song" to make plants grow etc etc was actually Hip Hop or something like DJ Easy Rock? 馃ぃ. All the Aiel singing "It takes two to make the plants grow Riight! It makes bugs fly out o'sight" And The Ogier back up vocals "keep it deep, keep it low" 馃槅
  10. I think it was the alternating throbbing of the two evil wounds in his side that gave him the idea of how to cleanse Saidin. I also think the "have to clear rubble before you can build" line might have nudged him in the right direction as well. And before you say it, yes, I know this is attributed to the breaking of the seals before the last battle, but Herid Fel was a genius so he could have meant both. I like to think so any way. (As a side note, if Fain hadn't kept trying to kill him, would Rand have still figured out how to cleanse Saidin? 馃) (As another side note, I hope the series gives Padan Fain a more meaningful death than what's in the books). (As a final side note... is Fain even in the TV series? 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ)
  11. If I think about what purpose did the Eye of the World actually serve in the story? It provided destination, a reason for adventuring, a vehicle for exposition and a way to identify Rand as "the one" if not yet as "the Dragon". And it allowed Rand to start Channelling without having to explain about the experience of fighting through the taint so early on. That's about it. Another mysterious destination could also provide these things so yep, the Eye could be cut. I'd hate it if they do, but I could see it happening.
  12. My first thought when I heard this news was "GREAT! Maybe they'll recast Moiraine next!" *cough* Claire Foy as Moiraine *cough*
  13. When the number one Pro is "could have been worse" I'm not sure that it bodes well for the series 馃 My first Con - my first pro is "it could have been worse" 馃ぃ
  14. I really hope you are right. Perrin killing his wife would condemn us all into endless flashbacks to that scene and a PTSD Perrin. Also that kind of thing really ages a person emotionally and would probably lend a dark aspect to Perrins personality. And for what?! *sigh* Every time I think of the TV series I pray to myself "please don't let them f#ck it up, please don't let them f#ck it up" 馃檹
  15. Just read it for fun, enjoy the ride. All the foreshadowing, and subtle events etc are what make re-reads so much fun. Honestly it's best to read the books and avoid all these forums altos until after you have finished. That's how you make the series your own. Don't worry about missing stuff, the books are always there and it's fun to be wrong!! Go. Enjoy. 馃榿
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