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  1. i can't think of how we could have such developed characters if there would only be 3 books
  2. i always got a sort of vibe between them since the moment they met in EoTW, but dismissed it because i thought Mo was with Lan at the time.
  3. Deffinitely Mat, he's awesome :D, though i too would like to be able to channel. But still, Mat would be my number 1 pick. But being one of the Sea Fol might be fun too :P
  4. personaly, there is not a single female character that provokes a sense of sympathy in me, especially nynaeve/elayne/egwene. They completely and utterly lost any nice feelings i had about them when Mat came to save them in Tear, travelled halfway across the world, risked his life multiple times, and the girls are like pff, gtfo.
  5. it might just be myself, but it seems to me that all the women, not just Aes Sedai, consider themselves somehow better and/or more inteligent than everyone else.
  6. *SPOILER WARNING* don't read if you haven't read past book 5 I recently started reading throught the series for the first time (currently between Fires of Heaven and Lord of Chaos), and i must admit, i'm hooked. However there is one thing that has been nagging me since the start; The female characters. All they do is whine, bicker, lift brows, berate, tug their braids, lift their chins, and cast cold stares. The only passable female character is Min, and maybe Moiraine, but only because she has a right to do what she does, seeing that she has sacrificed her whole life for the world, and her dying at the end of FoH (along with her letter) sort of redeemed her in my eyes. I cannot see how anyone can like them to be honest. What are your thoughts on this?
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