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Feast of Fools: Prank Room

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Come one, come all, to share your tales of pranks and fun! Have you recently covered an Accepted's dress in itching powder? Aes Sedai, did you get into trouble while you were a Novice? Mother dearest, we all know that you must have pulled some pranks while you were a Novice!


So come, share your tales! What pranks have you pulled here at the White Tower! And, if you haven't pulled any pranks, please share some that you would love to do!



I once painted Arie Sedai's dress purple. Why? For the Purple Ajah of course!

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This one day, I really did not want to sit through another session of the Hall, so I pulled aside a novice and told her that it had come to my attention that someone was spreading a rumor about the Sitters from the Green. I hinted that this someone might be of the Brown Ajah. Then I asked the poor girl to relay that information to the Green Sitters. (Of course, it only came to my attention because I was the one doing it... and the Amyrlin is of all Ajahs... so I might be of the Brown.)


Then (and here is where it gets good!) I went to the Reds, and told them that something had the Greens in a tizzy, and I thought it might be that old idea of folding the Red Ajah into the Green Ajah to form a Christmas themed Ajah. You should have seen their faces! (You never know what will get those Greens going...)


With three of the larger Ajahs all aglow with their tempests in teacups, I packed a nice little basket and picnicked in the Tower Gardens.

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I once conspired with the Captain General to enact a plan that any new Accepted wishing to join the Ajah must first present the Captain General and the Sitters with a mani/pedi and offer all of our warders deep tissue massages. A warder may refuse this offer.


Ooh, and I repainted the Green Halls purple. Because Purple is a much better color than Green.

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Hurrumph! Rejection is not a thing with which I will sit well. :lanfear:


By decree of the Amyrlin of Fools, all warders must now wear pink frilly shirts with purple belts. And no fancloth cloaks to hide under!


And Song, I will order the cook to send you a cookie as soon as you finish emptying that Moat full of lime jello and chocolate pudding. :happy:

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