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I have officially given up....


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On life!!!!



No just kidding...



I have given up my current college major for HOPEFULLY something that I will be a little better at and somewhat easier for me personally.


I am giving up being the mad scientist/doctor with a Biochemistry degree. For that nerdy fat guy job with the Computer Science degree (computer programming). So yea! I am now officially on the 10 year plan? What I'm not? I can still graduate on time? Oh darn. Oh well. But yea, I think I may still minor in Biochemistry since I only need like 3 more classes to have a minor, but hopefully this change of major will get my GPA up and I can do something I enjoy :)



So if you have been wondering where I have been lately... Yea, I have been dealing with this crap so that I can sign up for my classes next semester and officially switch over my major. Which it seems is a great big pain, and nothing else.

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Gratz on getting one step closer to knowing what you want to do! Seems like everyone i know is switching around their courses or deciding what they want to study or major in.. Am i growing up? :sad:


TMD are you more interested in Robotics? Or Programming or Game Development? Computer Science is one of the areas i'm looking at too so it'd be awesome if you could share some info about what your courses are like :p

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Well it's more computer programming oriented. If you are interested in robotics you might try something more like electrical engineer?


Computer science deals well with computers. You are probably going to start with basic computer programming languages like probably java programming. Then you move onto computer security, lots of calculus, obscure math topics, digital designing, etc.

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The one thing I think that I like most about programming is that it is repetition except a little different. So like all of the main concepts are the same for all of the programming languages, except that you just learn new key words to make things do what you want. Especially when it comes to math and algorithms.


So if I want to store the value of 10*5+3 in a variable x. After declaring the variable in each of the different languages (which is a little different but similar). My formula would still be.


x = 10*5+3;



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