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New WoT Fan


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I'm Lessa and welcome to DM!!!


I'm from the Warders Guild in the White Tower and you should really check it out. I've made alot of good friends over there and it doesn't matter who you are. Don't forget you can also be part of more than one org So come stop by the White Tower and the Warders Guild because they will be happy to meet you :biggrin:

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Well, i love reading, and i think that the WoT world is the best written world I have ever come across. I also write as something to pass time... My favourite characters... hmm that's a hard one... I'd have to say Mat, Thom, Moraine and Min. Rand's cool, but i'd have to rank him after said characters :) I actually don't think that Rand will survive Tarmon Gai'don, or that he will stay in Randland... Don't ask me why, that's just the impression i get out of reading the series (even with Min's viewings). I've read them all up to Towers of Midnight, but I've started a reread, and i'm up to The Shadow Rising. :D

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