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CotL NSW WS Instructor Bio (Jedrik Volan) - No CC needed


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Current RPer: Visar Falmaien


Character Name: Jederik “Jed” Volan (appr. yeh-dare’-ick vole-ahn’)


Rank: Second Lieutenant


WS: 17


Age: 47


Email address: jscott68[at]juno[dot]com


RP Group: Children of the Light, NSW character.


Subdivision: Army of the Light


Physical Description: Jederick Volan is a fairly big man (standing tall at about 5’10” and weighing around 240 lbs) with strong features. He has brown eyes and is mostly bald, with a full brown beard with plenty of gray flecked in. He has several scars on his torso from blades and arrows hitting him, but he does not show them off to just anyone. He is particularly muscular in his arms and barrel-chest, but his legs are just as powerful, and he walks with a distinctive bow legged gait that can only be gained by years in the saddle. He is usually found in uniform and rarely walks around on duty without mail armor and a sword or axe belted at his waist.


Place of Birth/Raising: Amadicia


Character History: Jederik’s parents were first class ranchers in northern Amadicia with some close ties to the Children of the Light. They frequently sold the Children many of the big destrier horses they raised at discounted price in return for the occasional land grant for extra grazing pasture. Jederik does not remember a time in his childhood where he was not around the family horses; their smell, their brown or black speckled hair, their powerful gait and oat-hungry teeth. He learned to ride at a very young age, and has always loved the feel of the wind rushing through his hair as he guided his mount faster and faster.


When he was around ten, he first went down into the village to compete with other children his age in folk wrestling, a sport that he tried to master just as much as trying to ride the best horses. He was often good at it, as he tended to be bigger and stronger than other children, but he picked up many nasty tricks that were not allowed in the rules and tried to learn them too when no one was looking. When he was fifteen, he learned of the existence of his uncle, Jenervik, who had joined the Children before Jederik was born and finally visited their ranch after being absent for almost twenty years. Jenervik made quite an impression on young Jed, who was wondering what he would do with his active lifestyle. While he loved horses and wouldn’t have minded tending to the family business at all, there was something compelling about the noble seeming Children of the Light, protecting the people from darkfriends and the Shadow and being holy warriors in the Light.


The idea grew steadily in Jederik’s mind as he grew up, and when he reached nineteen he finally volunteered into the ranks of the Children. With his skill in horse riding and wrestling and intimidating size, he made an ideal soldier for them to mold both in body and in mind. When he turned twenty five, he was finally leading a small group of men in exercises as a squadman, and over the years slowly slowly gained ranks. He found he had a knack for leading small groups of men in maneuvers, and also quickly gained a reputation for being a good instructor in several arts of single combat, including the lance, bow, and sword on horse, and wrestling on the ground.


At age forty-seven, Jederik is now a faithful officer in the Children’s ranks. In times of war he is a Second Lieutenant in the army, and in times of peace he acts as a full time instructor to Children of all level of skill or branch of service who need his humble services. Although he is not a blademaster nor has he ever had arrogant aspirations to a shiny, heron marked blade, his ability to teach what he knows in a simple, straight forward manner is his best talent. He is proud to serve the Children in this role, and will continue to do so, the Light willing, for many years.






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