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returning updated bio (no cc needed)


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Age: 20 in trolloc years


Appearance: Belonging to the Ahf’frait tribe Nargbert has an eagle head with bright, piercing eyes. He is about average height for a trolloc and has a very muscular body. With that muscular body came speed. While not anywhere near the fastest in his tribe he could hold his own in a race.


Background: Narbert grew up living in the Ahf’frait tribe. Becoming a great warrior was all Nargbert grew up hearing. Because of this he started early trying to prepare himself to be the best that there was. Of course this was mixed in with his vicious attitude. He did strength training by throwing bouldersat the younger trollocs. Anything he killed he would rip into with his beak tearing at any meat he could find.


personality: Loves to kill things. That is the whole reason for striving for the rank of blademaster. He tires of the same old meat. He desires the blood of true warriors. He wants to kill the best of the best and will do anything to achieve that.


.................................update bellow


What would the trollocs do without Nargbert? Would they give up, lay down on

the ground, and be eaten by blight worm? Would they run around like hoo-mahn

monkies, throwing poo at all in existence? Don't they do that already? Don't

matter, they are all fools. Look at them... drooling, grunting, rubbing up

against rocks. Fool trollocs. They not know what they have in the great

Narg, eagle head and all!


Hmmm... Nargs throne getting kind of squishy. Smells just right... killed

worm only three weeks ago. Maybe time to kill another. Only killed 500

trollocs last time. *sigh* How did Narg come to lead such fools. Yeah, Narg

start as lowly trolloc, running through the lands with those two fools, Monca

and Noggy. But Narg rose, because he was great. Narg invaded the hoo-mahn

lands, killed scores with his Claw! Then he invade again with his fist. The

blood letting was wonderous!!


Soon, Narg became Tribe leader as Monca and Noggy fled from his greatness.

True, they ended up with their own tribes, but Nargy still greatest. He then

was able to subjugate other tribes and became great overlord! NO! NARG NOT

WANT LEG OF MALE HOO-MAHN! FOOL! Ahem... where was narg. Ah yes... Noggy,

Roka and Nargy split the trolloc lands between them... then Noggy and Roka



Was it the war with the foolish clean tower... wait... hoo-mahns call it what?

Ahh, yes... white. Nargy would have won that battle too if it not for silly

vern... Curse him! Narg bravely made his way back to blight with his

tribes... now he greatest trolloc left.


Tremble before the great Narg! And not just because he smell so rank and

wonderful. Tremble because he great one! He lead trollocs to the promised

land. Narg carries the bleeding sword of greatness! Who cares if it is limp,

it is still great! The clan leaders of the Ahf'frait still come at his

screech... but Nargy gets bored. Too many female trollocs just want to play

with his pink tail feathers... Narg needs action! Killing! Sliding down

mountain sides and barely surviving!


Uh oh, is that Saar'Eve???? Darn......

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