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Becoming a Dark Friend


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This is my first ever topic so please be gentle :)


So Randland has its fair share of DF's. I remember reading from Liandrins pov and I think Alviarans that they went to Shayol Goul to pledge to the DO... does this mean that to become a DF you had to go there and pledge to him? It wasn't just a desicion you make and then suddenly you are a DF? Because if thats the case, if you suspected someone, couldnt you just see if they had been unexpectantly absent for a period of time?

And if you are a DF aes sedai, are you automatically in the black ajah?


Hope that makes sense... this came about because in the topic 'who would you most want to find out is a DF' and someone mentioned Olver, got me thinking how on earth could a 10 year old boy be a DF! hehe

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You don't need to visit Shayol Ghul, but from what we've heard from the Chosen, it's quite an experience and ties you even closer to the Dark One. I'm sure not many of the Black Ajah, let alone regular darkfriends, have been to the Pit of Doom.

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